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Black-Hole in M87 (2019)

The large elliptical galaxy M87 is the dominant member of the Virgo Cluster. The variation in brightness and a jet shooting out from its center indicate that there is a black-hole at the center (Figure 05-02r1). The table in Figure 05-02r2 lists some of the characteristics of
M87, Black-Hole M87 Parameters M87 and its black-hole (also see "Space Fact"). An image of this black-hole is presented to the world by the Event Horizon Telescope(s) (EHT) in April, 2019. However, close examination reveals that the image is a shadow (actually a silhouette) formed by dark object against radio frequency background, and the whole picture is in false colors. It is stitched together with missing data filled in by some sort of educated guessing, a.k.a. "Bayesian Inference".

Figure 05-02r1 M87, Black-Hole [view large image]

Figure 05-02r2 M87 BH Parms

The following shows the theoretical base and processing involved in the imaging.
See "SgrA* Radio Image" for comparison.

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