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Anti-ageing Research

While the search is on going for the miracle drug of anti-ageing, by 2014 some drugs for other ailments are found to possess such quality already. Table 06 lists some of the discoveries as reported by an article in the October 4-10 2014 issue of New Scientist. Figure 18 shows some anti-ageing foods among so many others recommended by various resources.

Drug Normal Usage Anti-ageing Effect Side Effect(s) Testing
Rapamycin Immunity suppression in organ transplant Life span extension up to 14% High doses seem to associate with pre-diabetic state Yeast, worms, mice
Everolimus Treatment for certain cancers Reversal of immune deterioration associated with ageing High doses induce fatigue and mouth ulcers People > 65 years old
Metformin Medicine for type2 diabetes Life span extension to around 5% See list Small animals
Aspirin Reducing risk of heart disease Countering inflammation associated with ageing Gastrointestinal ulcers Animals
Reducing risk of heart disease Countering inflammation associated with ageing Risk of high blood pressure and diabetes Animals
Anti-ageing Foods

Table 06 Anti-ageing Drugs

Figure 18 Anti-ageing Foods

The website supported by American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has more information about anti-ageing research.

Also see the "Stop the Clock! How to Slow Down the Aging Process" for a complementary "Aging" article.

Pleiotropy means one gene determines two different characteristics.
§Fibroblast is a large flat cell that secretes the proteins that form collagen and elastic fibers and the substance between the cells of connective tissue.

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