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Relativity, Cosmology, and Time

A Scenario for Time Travel

Time Travel Recently in 2006, a scenario for time travel has been proposed without relying on rotating black holes or exotic wormhole tunnels. The idea is based heavily on the Superstring theory, according to some versions of which, our universe is a four-dimensional membrane or "brane" embedded in a higher-dimensional hyperspace called the bulk. Almost all matter and force-carrying particles are trapped on the 3-D brane, where they are contrained to travel at the speed of light or lower. However, sterile neutrinos and gravitons are particles that can access the hidden dimensions and travel faster than light (Figure 09s). From some view points or frames of reference, this is equivalent to time travel (see Figure 04c, event 4).

Figure 09s Time Travel
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The main ingredients of this theory are summarized in the followings:

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