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Relativity, Cosmology, and Time

Un-relativistic Theory

Un-relativistic Theory Recently in 2009 a novel solutions was proposed to address the problem with quantum gravity. The author is Petr Horava, who is a string theorist co-authoring paper with the like of Ed Witten, e.g., the "Horava-Witten domain wall" in M theory. He should be one of the more creditable sources among the many trying to revise relativity over the years. The main thrust of the theory is that at very short distance the 4 dimensional spacetime breaks down into 3 space + 1 time (Figure 21). It is believed that the Lorentz symmetry would be violated if space is emergent (at short distance), i.e., if space is not merely a scaffold for physical phenomena to play out. At low energies, general relativity is recovered from this underlying framework, and the fabric of spacetime re-stitches. The theory seems to be working so far:

Figure 21 Broken Spacetime [view large image]

the infinties that plague other theories of quantum gravity have been removed, it produces a well-behaved graviton, and also matches with computer simulations of quantum gravity.

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