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Relativity, Cosmology, and Time

Time Reborn

Time Reborn In the "Time Reborn" by Lee Smolin, Vintage Canada, 2013, the author attributes the failure in contemporary physics to address certain problems such as the weird quantum interpretations, the unknowable initial condition of the universe, the inability to merge quantum theory with relativity, etc. to the degrading of time. Although we use clock to measure time daily, in the back of our mind there are always something with an eternal existence - be it the divine, or truth, or justice. For philosophers and physicists, it is the laws of nature that transcends time. Scientists work hard to "discover" the laws as if the regularities are always there, it is only our own ignorance that fails to comprehend. According to Lee Smolin such thinking may not be applicable to the scale of the universe. The laws of nature are evolving and by definition evolution must associate with time.

Figure 25 Time Reborn
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Thus, he asserts that time is absolute and essential in the new paradigm of physics especially on cosmology. The differences of this novel idea with the contemporary physics are summarized in the followings.
So much for all these qualitative arguments about a new paradigm not only for cosmology but for the way physical science should proceed as well. The book received considerable praise from the press, to quote just one of them : "I suspect we're getting a peek here at what the cutting edge of physics a few decades from now is going to look like." Unfortunately, I will not be around to witness the realization of such novel idea a few decades from now.

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