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Superstring Theory

Types of Superstring Theory

Note that all five versions contain closed strings without which, i.e., without gravity the string theory becomes inconsistent. However, only the E8xE8 Heterotic string provides a faint resemblance to the real world. Anyway, the number of possible universes has now been expanded into 10500 (see Manifold, Vacuum Energy, and Multiverse). A new paradigm in the gist of "Anthropic Principle" has now been proposed to turn the absurdity of too many into the advantage of eliminating the fine tuning problem (of the physical parameters). Such peculiar state of affair can be compared to the infinite number of possible planetary orbits and the Newton's Law - there are many solutions but only one law. The differences are that it is impossible to observe the other universes, and the basic law for superstring has yet to be discovered. Nevertheless, the explanation via Anthropic Principle doesn't seem to be as far-fetched as expressed by so many physicists.

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