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Calabi-Yau Manifold

Testing the Superstring Theory

Tests Recovering the lower effective theory is only one of the requirements for a successful new theory. It has to offer doable and falsifiable tests and to predict new phenomena in order to be acceptable as a better replacement. This website has listed some of the proposed tests many years ago. The followings

Figure 26 Tests [view large image]

summarize the five tests in "The Shape of Inner Space" (Figure 26), actually they have been mentioned already elsewhere in this website.
  1. CBMR Anisotropy - CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation) is the ancient and feeble microwave radiation emanating uniformly (supposedly) from all directions in the sky. Recently there is claim about anisotropy in the form of a cold and empty spot on the sky map from WMAP. It is argued that such "axis of evil" could be the result of interaction with another universe (vacuum) predicted by the Superstring theory (see more details in "WMAP Oddities").

  2. Cosmic String - Cosmic strings are thought to be long, tube-like objects of high-energy material left over from the Big Bang. They are the most interesting type of topological defects because some cosmologists have suggested such material as an alternative source of the density irregularities, visible in CMBR. It is also an object of much speculation of time travel via the formation of closed time-like curve. Only later on it is linked to the Superstring theory. It is purported that the tiny string has been blown up to the enormous size as the result of cosmic expansion. However, WMAP measurements have shown that the actual form of the irregularities is inconsistent with those predicted by the string-based theories (see more controversial claims about "Cosmic String").

  3. Calabi-Yau Warped Throat - It is suggested that the scenario of Big Bang and subsequent inflation can be replaced by reflection of a 3-D brane (representing our universe) at the tip of a Calabi-Yau warped throat. More details of such speculation and other stringy cosmologies can be found in "Pre-Big Bang Universes".

  4. WIMP - WIMP stands for weakly interacting massive particles, which is a brainchild of the supersymmetry theory. It is a hot subject for current research in both theory and observation about dark matter. There were many controversial claims of detection but none conclusive. The discovery of such particles will indirectly support the Superstring theory via its association with supersymmetry (see more in "Nature of Dark Matter").

  5. Gravity Leaking - In term of extra-dimensions, the feebleness of gravity (comparing to the other forces) is explained by leaking of its field into the other dimensions. It is suggested that the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) should be able to detection the leakage if there's any. The discovery will confirm the curial feature in Superstring theory - the extra-dimensions (see more in "Gravity in Extra-dimensions").

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