Element Electron Orbitals/Emission Spectrum Common Compound(s)/Application(s)
22, Group 4
~ Dioxide (TiO2)/Opaque Paints, Sun Tan Lotions
~ Tetrachloride (TiCl4)/Smoke Screens
~/Jet Engines, Rockets, and High Quality Tools
24, Group 6
~ Oxide (Cr2O3)/Green Pigment, Audio Tape Coating
~ Iron, Nickel Alloy/Stainless, Heating Elements
~/Energy Storage in Ruby Laser, Decorative and Protective Plating over Other Metals, Coloring in Gemstones, e.g., Alexandrite, Emerald, Ruby
26, Group 8
~ Nickel Alloy/Structural Material for Buildings
~ Tungsten, Vanadium Alloy/Cutting Tools at High Temperature
~ Manganese Alloy/Rifle Barrels, Power Shovels
~ Carbon, Silicon Alloy (Cast Iron)/Pipe, Machine Parts, Cook Wares
~/In Hemoglobins and Other Proteins
28, Group 10
~ Oxide Hydroxide (NiOOH)/Cadmium Betteries
~/Layer of Protective Coating to Iron and Copper
29, Group 11
~ Zinc Alloy (Brass)/Pipes, Wires, Gears, etc.
~ Tin or + Phosphorus, Manganese, Aluminum, Silicon Alloy (Bronze)/Ship Propellers, Bearings, Springs, Sculptures, Musical Instruments
~/Thermal and Electrical Conductors
46, Group 10
~ /Automobile Catalytic Converter, Hydrogen Absorber, Cold Fusion (unsubstantiated claim)
47, Group 11
~ Copper Alloy (Sterling Silver)/Jewelry
~ Mercury Solution/Tooth Fillings
~ Bromide (AgBr)/Photographic Films
~ Chloride (AgCl)/Photochromic Sunglass, Stained Glass, Photographic Films, Bandages
~ Iodide (AgI)/Clouding Seeding
~/Best Thermal and Electrical Conductors, Protective Coating, Most Reflective Mirror Material
79, Group 11
~ Nickel or Copper Alloy (18-carat gold)/Jewelry
~/Non-tarnishable Electrical Conductors, Basis of Monetary System
80, Group 12
~ Chloride (HgCl or HgCl2)/Fungicide, Pesticide
~/Thermostats, Thermometers, Fluorescent Lamps
92, Group 3
U235/Atomic Bomb, Nuclear Reactor
U238/Breeder Reactor, Armor-piercing Antitank Shell, Missile Re-entry Ballast, Ceramic Glaze, Rock Dating

Groups 3 - 12 Elements