Element Electron Orbitals/Emission Spectrum Common Compound(s)/Application(s)
Carbon (C)
Silicon Carbide (SiC)/Abrasive Tools
Cyanide (CN-)/Making Paper, Textiles, and Plastics; Photographic Plate Development
~/Essential component of Organic Compounds, Heating, Lubrication, Pencils
C14 (1/2 Life = 5730 years)/Dating Tool
Silicon (Si)
~ dioxide (Silica, Sand, SiO2)/Quartz and other Gemstones (with colored impurities), Piezoelectric application in time pieces
Silica + Soda Ash + Limestone/Glass
Glass + Oxide of Boron/Pyrex Glass
Glass + Oxide of Potassium/Eyeglass
Clay (Al2O3)2(SiO2)2(H2O)/Ceramics
~ + Arsenic or Boron/Transistor, Solar Cell
~/Computer Chips
Germanium (Ge)
~/Transistor, Diode, Fiber Optics, Infrared Optics
Tin (Sn)
Stannic Chloride (SnCl4), Stannic Oxide (SnO2)/Ceramic Glazes, Fabric Coating
~ Copper, Bismuth, Antimony Alloy/Cutlery, Bowls, Plates
Tin (33%) + Lead (67%)/Solder
Lead (Pb)
~ Oxide (PbO, 18-35%)/Crystal Glass, Leaded Glass (Stained Glass), TV and Monitor Screen
~/Bullets, Radiation Shield, Car Battery

Group 14 Elements