Summary of "The Zen in Modern Cosmology"

by Chi-Sing Lam (McGill University, Canada)

Zen in Cosmology According to Modern Cosmology, our Universe came from a primordial state 13.7 billion years ago, with no matter and very little energy. In other words, it was almost empty. Where do the stars and galaxies, and everything else in the present universe come from then?

This captivating book provides an answer to this question, and explains the observations and evidence behind the assertion of an almost empty primordial universe. Aimed at a general audience, it assumes no prior knowledge of astronomy or physics.

The emptiness of the primordial universe is reminiscent of the emptiness in Zen Buddhism. The similarities and differences of these two forms of emptiness are explored.

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The cover page is illustrated by Nora Li ( m s) with the shape of mountain reflecting the development of our universe. Readership: General readers and practicing scientists.

248pp Pub. date: Dec 2007

ISBN 978-981-277-185-8
         981-277-185-9  US$42 / £23
ISBN 978-981-277-186-5  (pbk)
         981-277-186-7  (pbk)  US$28 / £15

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