Topic-01. Introduction

Topic-02. Observable Universe and Beyond
         The Observable Universe
         Big Bang Theory
         CMBR Spectrum
         CMBR Fluctuations
         CMBR Polarization
         CMBR Power Spectrum
         Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP)
         Dark Matter
         Dark Energy
         Parallel Universes, Multiverse - the Unobservable Universes
         Quantum Cosmology and Pre-Big Bang Theory

Topic-03. Superclusters
         Large Scale Structures
         Large Scale Structures, Simulation
         The Virgo Supercluster
         Between the Superclusters
         Formation of Superclusters
         Density Fluctuations
         Power Spectrum of Cosmic Structure

Topic-04. Clusters of Galaxies
         Cluster of Galaxies Characteristics
         The Virgo, the Coma, and the Perseus Clusters
         Cluster of Galaxies Classification
         Cluster of Galaxies Formation
         Gravitational Lens
         Dark Matter

Topic-05. Galaxies
         Types of Galaxies
         Active Galaxies
         Seyfert Galaxies
         Radio Galaxies
         Extremely Red Objects (ERO)
         Formation and Evolution of Galaxy
         Theory of Spiral Arm Formation
         The Milky Way
         Blackhole at the Milky Way Center
         Dark Matter in the Milky Way

Topic-06. Star Clusters
         Star Clusters
         Globular Clusters
         Distribution of Globular Clusters in the Milky Way
         Galactic (Open) Clusters
         OB Associations
         T Associations and T Tauri Stars
         A Sample of Stellar Life Cycle
         Medium Blackholes

Topic-07. Planetary Systems
         Birth of a Planetary System
         Formation and Evolution of the Solar System
         Solar System Data
         The Sun
         Terrestrial Planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
         Asteroid Belt
         Jovian Planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
         Synchronous Rotation
         Solar Neighborhood
         Another World, Ancient World

Topic-08. Stars
         Ancient Astronomy and Constellations
         Celestial Sphere
         Star Magnitudes
         Sky Charts
         First Star
         Hertzspung-Russell (HR) Diagram
         Stellar Structure
         Stellar Evolution
         Brown Dwarfs
         Variable Stars
         Red Giants
         Planetary Nebulae and White Dwarfs
         Wolf-Rayet Stars
         Supernovae and Neutron Stars
         Quark Stars
         Preon Stars
         Stellar Black Holes
         Black Stars
         Electroweak Stars
         Stellar Models

Topic-09. Earth
         The Beginning
         Geological and Biological Records
         Internal Structures
         Continental Drift
         Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones
         Weather and Climate
         Habitable Zone
         Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
         Starry Night
         The End

Topic-10. Multicellular Organisms
         Biological Classifications
         Evolution of Multicellular Organisms
         Sexual Life Cycles
         Homeobox Genes
         The Three Germ Layers and Organs
         Stem Cells
         Cell Fate Manipulation
         Sex and Death
         Biological Clock
         Sleep and Dream
         Plants (Cambrian - present)
         Animals (Cambrian - present)
         What Makes Us Humans?
         Future of the Human Race

Topic-11. Unicellular Organisms
         Origin of Life
         Prion and Viruses
         Organic Chemistry
         Amino Acids
         Macromolecules and Molecular Biology
         Proteins and Enzymes
         The Y Chromosome
         CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing
         Evolution: Mutation of Gene(s), Natural Selection, and Time
         Archaebacteria (Ancient Bacteria)
         Protista (Unicellular Eukaryotes)

Topic-12. Molecules
         Quantum Theory, Blackbody Radiation
         Correspondence Principle
         Uncertainty Principle
         Complemetarity Principle
         Exclusion Principle
         Path Integral, Transition to Qunatum Theory
         First Quantization, Schrodinger Equation
         Quantum Interpretations
         Hydrogen Atom
         Covalent Bond, Hydrogen Molecule
         Ionic Bond, Atomic Shells
         Hydrogen Bond, Molecular Orbital
         van der Waals Force, Dipole-Dipole Interaction
         Physical Chemistry
         Inorganic Chemistry
         Organic Chemistry
         Soft Matter
         Active Matter
         The Future of Chemistry

Topic-13. Atoms
         Periodic Table
         Band Theory, Metal
         Solid State
         X-ray Diffraction
         Neutron Scattering / Diffraction and Spallation
         Specific Heats of Solids and Phonons
         2-D Superconductivity
         Josephson Junction and SQUID
         Hall Effect (Classical and Quantum)

Topic-14. Nuclei
         Binding Energy
         Origin of Elements
         The Liquid-Drop and The Shell Models
         Nuclear Decay
         Nuclear Fission
         Application of Nuclear Fission
         Thermo-nuclear Fusion
         Application of Thermo-Nuclear Fission
         Effects of Nuclear Explosions
         The Fukushima Incident
         Nuclear Waste
         Quark Fusion and Hyper-nucleus

Topic-15. Elementary Particles and the World of Planck Scale
         Quantum Domain
         Elementary Particles
         Fundamental Interactions
         Unifications, A Brief History of Physics
         Quantum Field Theory
         Gauge Theory and the Standard Model
         Grand Unified Theory (GUT)
         Asymptotic Freedom
         Quark Confinement
         Manifold, Vacuum Energy, Multiverse, and Eternal Inflation
         Quantum Foam and Loop Quantum Gravity
         Realm of Planck Scale

Topic-16. Frontier of Science

Topic-17. Special Topics
         Age of Animals
         Alleles and Inheritance
         Anatomy of Animals
         Anatomy of Plants
         Astronomical Instruments
         Bell's Theorem (Quantum vs Classical)
         Brain, Reality, and Tao (D) (2020 Edition)
         Calabi-Yau Manifold
         Chaos Theory
         CP-violation and Anti-matter
         Curvilinear Motion in Newtonian Mechanics and Quantum Spin
         Dating - Radioactive and Other Techniques
         Degeneracy Pressure
         DNA Sequencing and Digital DNA
         Double-Slit Experiment, Gateway to Quantum Theory (2020 Edition)
         Energy of Single Particle
         Entropy of Many body Systems
         Entanglement and Teleportation
         Evolution of Micro-organisms and Plants
         Fluid Dynamics and Navier-Stokes Equations
         Gravity in Extra-dimensions, Manyfold and Pre-Bang Universes
         Group Theory and Its Application to Particle Physics
         Harmonic Oscillator
         Holographic Principle
         Immune System
         Inflationary Cosmology and Cyclic Universe
         Information, SMI, and Entropy
         Inner World of the Cell
         Integrated Information Theory (IIT)
         Interstitial Fluid (ISF - The Internal Sea for Life)
         Magnetic Monopole
         Mathematical Minimum (for Aspiring Physicists)
         Medical Science
         Messier Objects
         Metabolic Rate and Kleiber's Law
         Mitosis and Meiosis
         Nervous System
         Noncommutative Geometry and Quantum Gravity
         Optic Fiber
         Origin of Life - Self-assembly, Self-organization, and Emergent Phnomena
         Origin of the Universe (and a Quantum Version of Cosmic Inflation by Yours Truly)
         Particle Accelerator and Detectors
         Power Spectrum, CMB
         Quantum Computing
         Quantum Field Theory
         Quantum Interpretations (2019 Edition)
         Quantum Microscope (H Atom Images)
         Relativity, Cosmology, and Time
         Slime Moulds Life Cycle
         Standard Candles in Astronomy
         Statistics, and Statistical Mechanics
         Superstring Theory
         Synchrotron Radiation
         The Y Chromosome
         Tomography (CAT, PET, MRI)
         Twistor Theory
         Virial Theorem
         Wave Equations (Revised March, 2018)
         Wave, Sound, and Music
         When East Meets West
         g (I-Ching : Book of Changes)
         Epilogue - Units, Constants, Data, Images and Links (A Scientific Chap Suey)

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