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Black Stars

Black Star Formation Black Star, Theory A 2009 study discovered a way to prevent the complete collapse of a dying star even its mass is beyond 30 Msun. The novel mechanism is related to the zero point energy, which normally has a value near to zero by almost complete cancellation of the positive and negative contributions. A semi-classical investigation reveals that if the collapse proceeds significantly slower than free falling, the zero point energy is disturbed in such a way that a large repulsive force would be generated near the event horizon and the collapse might come to a complete halt just short of forming an event horizon, or it might continue forever at an ever slower pace, becoming ever closer to forming an event horizon but never actually producing one. Such scenario is similar to the vacuum polarization by electric charge, but the

Figure 08-25 Black Star Formation

Figure 08-26a Black Star
[view large image]

virtual particles surrounding the mass now carry negative mass (Figure 08-25). This object is called black star as shown in Figure 08-26a.

At one stroke, the problems associated with the infinite density at the singularity, the weird consequence of crossing an invisible boundary called event horizon, and the lost of information into the black hole, all disappear as nonevent. Thus, such idea may be able to resolve many of the puzzles from general relativity, if it can be upheld upon closer scrutinies in the future.

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