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WIMP Stars

WIMP Star WIMP star is another hypothetical star based on a hypothetical theory - the theory of supersymmetry from which the Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMP) is conceived. As some of them interact only through gravity, they are favorite candidates for dark matter. The neutralino is the lightest one, it is neutral carrying no charge and disregard the conservation of lepton number (since it does not involve in weak interaction). Thus, it could be its own anti-particle (such as the Majorana neutrino, see insert to illustrate its change of identify in flight in Figure 08-26c) and annihilates each other when they collide giving out lot of radiation as shown in lower right of Figure 08-26c. Such radiation can provide pressure to counteract the gravitational pull creating some sort of star - the "Dark (Matter) Star" - in early universe when the dark matter density is very high.

Figure 08-26c WIMP Star [view large image]

See "First Star"
See "Dark Stars" for details.

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