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Starry Night

Meanwhile on Earth, creatures follow the ebb and flow of the cosmos. The crab and other marine animals on the shoreline carry out their activities according to the biological clock, which is tuned to the tidal rhythm. Most of us go to sleep at night, only occasionally gazing at the starry night with awe and wonder. The location of the drawing in Figure 09-25 is at the edge of the sea on the Big Island near South
Starry Night Big Island Mauna Loa Pt (Figure 09-26). This is one of the few places on Earth, where we can observe (as tourist) or study (as scientist) "heaven and hell" at the same time. Mauna Loa (Figure 09-27) in the south is consisted of an active volcanic chain, while Mauna Kea in the north lays dormant. Its summit is the location for the largest collection of modern telescopes taking advantage of the clarity of the Hawaiian night skies. The night view in Figure 09-27

Figure 09-25 Starry Night
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Figure 09-26
Big Island

Figure 09-27 Mauna Loa

shows the Southern Cross, constellation Crux, near the horizon to the left of Mauna Loa's summit, while the day view reveals a crater in the foreground.

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