Special Topics


     Age of Animals

     Alleles and Inheritance

     Anatomy of Animals

     Anatomy of Plants

     Astronomical Instruments

     ATP - Energy Supplier for Life (2020 Edition)

     Bacteria (2021 Edition)

     Bell's Theorem (Quantum vs Classical)


     Brain, Reality, and Tao (D) (2020 Edition)

     Calabi-Yau Manifold

     Chaos Theory

     CP-violation and Anti-matter

     Curvilinear Motions in Newtonian Mechanics and Quantum Spin

     Dating - Radioactive and Other Techniques

     Degeneracy Pressure

     DNA Sequencing and Digital DNA

     Double-Slit Experiment, Gateway to Quantum Theory (2020 Edition)

     Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)


     Energy of Single Particle

     Entropy of Many Body Systems (2020 Edition)

     Entanglement and Teleportation (+ 2022 Wormhole Experiment)

     Evolution of Micro-organisms and Plants

     Fluid Dynamics and the Navier-Stokes Equations

     Graphene and Superconductivity Bilayer (2018)

     Gravity in Extra-dimensions, Manyfold and Pre-Bang Universe

     Group Theory and Its Application to Particle Physics

     Harmonic Oscillator

     Higgs Field, the Eternal and ubiquitous (2021 Edition)

     Holographic Principle

     Immune System

     Inflationary Cosmology and Cyclic Universe

     Information, SMI, and Entropy

     Inner World of the Cell

     Integrated Information Theory (IIT)

     Interstitial Fluid (ISF - The Internal Sea for Life)

     Magnetic Monopole (Updated 2022)

     Many-Body Problem (2022 Edition)

     Mars Sample Return (MSR), 2021-2031

     Mathematical Minimum (for Aspiring Physicists)

     Medical Science

     Messier Objects

     Metabolic Rate and Kleiber's Law


     Mitosis and Meiosis

     Monte Carlo Methods (2022 Edition)

     Nervous System


     Non-commutative Geometry and Quantum Gravity

     Optic Fiber

     Origin of Life - Self-assembly, Self-organization, and Emergent Phenomena

     Origin of the Universe (A Quantum Version of Cosmic Inflation by Yours Truly)

     Particle Accelerators and Detectors

     Power Spectrum, CMB

     Quantum Computing

     Quantum Cosmology

     Quantum Field and 2nd Quantization (2021 Edition)

     Quantum Field Theory

     Quantum Interpretations (2019 Edition, 2020 QTT Update)

     Quantum Microscope (H Atom Images)

     Relativity, Cosmology, and Time

     Slime Moulds Life Cycle

     Standard Candles in Astronomy

     Statistics, and Statistical Mechanics

     Superstring Theory

     Synchrotron Radiation


     Thermodynamics (+ Non-equilibrium Process & Life, 2020 edition)

     The Y Chromosome


     Tomography (CAT, PET, MRI)

     Twistor Theory

     Type 1a Supernova

     Virial Theorem

     Wave Equations (Revised March, 2018)

     Wave, Sound, and Music

     Weather Guide

     When East Meets West

     g (I-Ching : Book of Changes)

     Epilogue - Units, Constants, Data, Images and Links (A Scientific Chap Suey)

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