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Aardvark MammalsSouthern Africa Wildlife Safari Parks & Game
aaRS Evolution of aaRS---, Origin of translation, Intelligent Design, 2016
Abdominal Cavity Natural SelectionScientific American, January 2009
Abelian Rotation Groups---
Abundance of Elements Origin of Elements
Abundance of Elements on Earth ATP - Energy SeaFriends
Acanthostega Devonian PeriodScientific American
Accelerating Expansion Type Ia Supernova Nature
Accelerating Expansion, Sound Dark Energy Sky & Telescope, February 2009
Accelerating ExpansionDark Energy Sky & Telescope, February 2009
Accretion Disk The Milky WayAccretion Disk Death Spiral
Acid Inorganic ChemistryEssential Chemistry
Actin, Energy Landscape Novel PropertiesProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Action Potential Neurons and NervesThe Brain, A Very Short Introduction
Action Principle Action Principle---, The Theory of Almost Everything
Action Principle in Footnote Action Principle---
Active Matter, Droplet with BANs Active MatterNature, 491, 431-434 (15 November 2012)
Active Matter, Flocking Behavior Active MatterNature, 491, 431-434 (15 November 2012)
Active Matter, Flocking Birds Active MatterWikipedia
Active Matter, Microtubules Active MatterNature, 491, 431-434 (15 November 2012)
Active Matter, School of Fish Active Matter
Active Matter, Velocity Measurement Active MatterNature, 491, 431-434 (15 November 2012)
Acupuncture Mechano-transduction
Acupuncture, Dog Body Electric---, DogQuality
Adhesion and Cohesion Adhesion and Cohesion
Adhesion, Biological Adhesion and CohesionUniversity of New South Wales, Faculty of Medicine
Adhesion, Chemical Adhesion and Cohesion
Adhesion, Mechanical Adhesion and Cohesion
Adolescence Brain, Problem Areas What Makes Us HumanNew Scientist
Aeroplane, Lift Lift for AeroplaneAeronautics Learning Laboratory, NASA
Aeroplane, Ref. Area & Lift Coeff. Lift for AeroplaneAerospace Web
AFM, Schematic Diagram Other MicroscopesWikipedia
AFM, Imaging Other MicroscopesNature, 3 September 2009
AFM, Imaging 2 Other MicroscopesNature Online, 1 August 2010
Ageing, 2015 Update Ageing Process and Symptoms Time, Special Health Issue, February 23 - March 2, 2015
Ageing, Biolongevity Origin of AgeingThe Random House Encyclopedia
Ageing, Body Parts Causes of AgeingNew Scientist
Ageing, Calment J.Ageing Reliefs National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Ageing, Caloric Restriction Impact of Ageing
Ageing, Causes Causes of AgeingTime
Ageing, Caused by Worn-out Cells Causes of AgeingNewScientist, 16 September 2015
Ageing, Causes Marcomolecular Causes of Aging"Death", by R. Beliveau, D. Gingras
Ageing, Causes Summmary Causes of AgeingNature
Ageing, Diet Restriction Ageing, ReliefsSA, Staying Young, March 5, 2015
Ageing, Delayed by Healing Damage Ageing Process and SymptomsSA, Staying Young, March 5, 2015
Ageing, DNA Repair Causes of AgeingHuman Genetics, Concepts and Applications
Ageing, Fountain of Youth Ageing ReliefsEncarta, MSN
Ageing, Life Span Origin of AgeingNature
Ageing, Symptoms 1 Ageing SymptomsTime
Ageing, Symptoms 2 Ageing SymptomsTime
Age of the Universe Hubble Constant (2018)---, Wikipedia
AGN, X-ray Active GalaxiesNASA
AGN, Another Unified Views Active GalaxiesCompanion to Cosmology by A. Liddle and J. Loveday
AGN, Unified Views Active GalaxiesGravity's Fatal Attraction by M. Begelman and M. Rees
Air Circulation WeatherLife: The Science of Biology
Air Circulation, Non-rotating WeatherWeather, A Guide to Phenomena and Forecasts
Air Flow, Helicopter Lift for AeroplaneHelicopter Aerodynamics
Air Flow, Variation Weather Virtual Skies, NASA
Air Masses Weather An Introduction to Physical Geography
ALEPH Cap End Detectors ALEPH
ALEPH Detector DetectorsALEPH
ALEPH Event DetectorALEPH
ALEPH Side-view DetectorNature
ALEPH, TPCDetector
Algae, Chlorella Plants
Algae, Chlamydomona Plants
Algae, Chlamydomona & Volvox Multicellular OrganismsWashington University in St. Louis
Algae, Ulva Plants
Alleles and Inheritance Alleles and Inheritance
ALH84001 Globules MarsNASA
Allen Telescope Array Extra-Terrestrial IntelligenceNature
Alpha Proteobacteria Pre-Cambrian EraNature
Altered States Altered States Mapping the Mind
Altered States, Daydream Altered States Henri Rousseau
Altered States, Dementia Altered States
Altered States, Dreaming Cat Altered StatesThe Secret Language of the Mind
Altered States, Drug Addiction Altered States "Death", by R. Beliveau, D. Gingras
Altered States, Fantasy Altered States
Altered States, Vision Altered States
Altered States, Hypnosis Altered States
Altered States, Meditation Altered States
Alternative Splicing RNA---, American Scientist
Alzheimer's Disease, Diagnosis NeurologySA, Staying Young, March 5, 2015
Amphibians Amphibians ---
Amphioxus Chordata
Amino Acid Amino AcidsInquiry into Life
Amino Acid, D- Amino Acids---
Amino Acids Amino AcidsGeneral, Organic, & Biological Chemistry
Amino Acids, Prebiotic/Cosmic ATP - Energy Supplier for Life---
Amoeba Protista
Ampere's Law, ExamplesElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)
AMS Dark Matter
AMS DataDark Matter
Anasazi Future of the Human Race
Anatomically Human Migration Quaternary PeriodYork University
Anatomy Germ Layers and OrgansUltimate Visual Dictionary
Anatomy of Bird Birds- ditto -
Anatomy of Cat Mammals - ditto -
Anatomy of Chimpanzee Primates - ditto -
Anatomy of Clam Mollusks
Anatomy of Crayfish Arthropods Ultimate Visual Dictionary
Anatomy of Earthworm AnnelidsUniversity of Winnipeg
Anatomy of Fern Pteridophytes
Anatomy of Fish FishesUltimate Visual Dictionary
Anatomy of Frog AmphibiansSan Luis Obispo High School
Anatomy of Grasshopper Arthropods Inquiry into Life
Anatomy of Hydra Cnidarians- ditto -
Anatomy of Leaf Characteristics of Plants
Anatomy of Leaf Sample Characteristics of Plants Microcosmos
Anatomy of Lizard ReptilesUltimate Visual Dictionary
Anatomy of Octopus Mollusks- ditto -
Anatomy of Planarian Flatworms
Anatomy of Plant Characteristics of Plants Great Valley School District
Anatomy of Root Pteridophytes
Anatomy of Roundworm Roundworms
Anatomy of Seed Gymnosperms
Anatomy of Snail Mollusks Ultimate Visual Dictionary
Anatomy of Sponge Sponges - ditto -
Anatomy of Starfish Echinoderms- ditto -
Anatomy of Stem Pteridophytes- ditto -
Ancestor, Last What makes us human
Ancient Animal Embryos Cambrian PeriodNewScientist, July 11-17, 2009
Ancient Observatory Ancient AstronomyAstronomy
Ancient World Extrasolar PlanetsNOAO
Anderson, C. Fundamental InteractionsThe Particle Odyssey
Andromeda Strain Origin of LifeAndromeda Strain
Andromeda Strain 2 MarsAndromeda Strain
Andromeda Galaxy Mars
Angiosperms Angiosperms---
Angle of Attack, Pitch Angle Lift for Aeroplane
Angular-Size Redshift Relation Angular-Size Redshift RelationL. I. Gurvits etal., Astronomy and Astrophysics, 1998
Angular-Size Redshift Relation, CCAngular-Size Redshift Relation
Angular Velocity, Spiral Arm Spiral Flow 2 (2022 Edition)---
Animal Evolution AnimalsThe Random House Encyclopedia
Annular Eclipse MoonAustralian Astronomy
Anomalous Signal Habitable Zone
Another World Extrasolar PlanetsAstronomy Picture Of the Day
Anoxygenic Photosynthesis Photosynthesis - Respiration---, Wikipedia
Anteater Mammals encarta
Antennae Galaxies Radio TelescopeALMA
Anthropic Prinicple Parallel Universes, Multiverse Scientific American
Anti-ageing Foods Anti-ageing ResearchAnti Aging Foods
Antibody VirusNature
Antibody, Summary Third Line of Defence
Anti-de Sitter Space Entanglement and Space-time Picasa
Antioxidants ReliefsNature
Anti-particle Quantum Mechanics---
Aperture AngleOptical Microscopes
Aphid Parthenogeneseis
Aplysia, a PoemMemory In Search of Memory
ApneaNatural SelectionA-Z Health Library
Apollo 17 MoonNASA
Archaea Biological Classifications
Archaebacteria Archaebacteria ---
Archaebacteria, Environment Archaebacteria
Archaeopteryx and Fossil Jurassic Period---
Archaeopteryx Traits Jurassic Period
Archean Period Geological Records Sky & Telescope, August 2010
Archaea Proteins Pre-Cambrian Era---
Arctic Ice, Disappearing Future of the Human Race---
Argentinosaurus Triassic Period
Aristotle and Plato TheoryRaphael Sanzio
Arkarua Vendian Period
Armadillo Related Page
Arm Bones Evolution Devonian PeriodYour Inner Fish
Arrows of Time TimeThe Illustrated A Brief History of Time
Arrows of Time, Thermodynamic Entropy metaphysicien
Arthropods Arthropods
Artificial Life GenomesScience, 21 May 2010
Artificial Photosynthesis The Future of ChemistryNewScientist, April 14-20, 2012
Ascidian Sponges Visual Diving
Asgard ArchaeaPre-Cambrian EraRelatives of Our Cellular Ancestor, Nature, 15 January 2020
ASPM gene What Makes Us HumanDavidson College
Assembly Equation Self-assembly and Self-organizationAssembly theory explains and quantifies selection and evolution
Assembly Equation, Example Self-assembly and Self-organizationAssembly theory explains and quantifies selection and evolution
Asteroid Belt Asteroid Belt
Asteroid Belt, Schematic Asteroid Belt
Asteroid Bennu Return Sample Mars Return SampleCNN, October 12, 2023
Asteroid Crash Permian
Asteroid Itokawa Asteroid Belt Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Astronomical Chopsuey
Asymptotic Freedom Asymptotic FreedomIdeas of Particle Physics
Atacama Cosmology Telescope Hubble Constant Nature, 15 July 2020
Atavism, Extra Breasts Homeobox Genes
Atavism, Large Canines Homeobox Genes
Atavism, Polydactyly Homeobox Genes
Atavism, Syndactyly Homeobox Genes
Atmosphere Atmosphere
Atmospheric AbsorptionInfrared Telescopes
Atmospheric Composition Origin of LifeLife in the Universe, Scientific American
Atmospheric Layers AtmosphereNASA
Atom Atom
Atom Expo Applications of Nuclear FissionSeferry, MOSCOW + ATOM EXPO 2012
Atomic Bomb Fission
Atomic Clock Feedback Loop Time
Atomic Radii Periodic TableWikipedia
Atomic Shells Ionic Bond, Atomic Shells
Atom Interferometer Gravitational WavePhysics, August 19, 2013
ATP NucleotidesHyperphysics
ATP by Chemo Origin of Life
ATP Charging Process Origin of Life
ATP Charging Sites Origin of Life
ATP in Action Origin of Life
ATP in Action, Meta-state ATP - Energy Supplier for Life---
ATP in Meta-stable State Origin of Life---
ATP Synthase Cell Membrane---, Doc Kaiser's Microbiology Home Page
ATP Synthase, F1 Domain Cell MembraneWikipedia
ATP Charging Using Glucose Origin of Life
Attenuation Attenuation of Measurements
Attraction to A3627 Large Scale StructuresNASA, CHANDRA X-ray Observatory
Attractor, A3627 Large Scale StructuresAtlas of the Universe
Attractor, Location Large Scale StructuresUniverse
Attractor, Unobservable Large Scale StructuresAstronomy
Aurora Sun
Autonomic Nervous System, Front Autonomic Nervous SystemAnatomical Chart Series
Autonomic Nervous System, Side Autonomic Nervous System
Autophagy Cell
Autophagy, Diseases and Ageing CellNational Institute of Infectious Diseases
Auto-systems Emergent Phenomena
Auto-systems, Examples Emergent Phenomena---
Avian Brain Tertiary Period
Avian Evolution Jurassic Period
Avogadro's Number Physical Constants
Axion AxionNew Scientist
Axion and Dark Matter Neutrino, Right-Handed
Axion as Dark Matter AxioninSPIRE, Gardner, Susan etal, 2013
Axion EDM CP Violation Axion---, Ultra-Cold Neutron Lab, Kellogg Lab ,
Axion Effective Potential Axion
Axion Field Axion
Axion Mass AxionCalculation of Axion Mass, Nature, 03 November 2016
Axion Phase Angle AxionAxion Cosmology Revisited, by O. Wantz, E. Shellard, 2011
Axis of Evil Dark EnergyScientific American, April 2009


Image Text Credit (TBP : To Be Posted)

Bacteria, Arsenic Origin of LifeCNN
Bacteria, Arsenic Vacuoles Origin of LifeNature, 9 December 2010, Vol 468, Issue No 7325
Bacteria, Bacteroides BacteriaFlickr
Bacteria, Evolution of Evolution of Bacteria
Bacteria, Filamentous Related Page
Bacteria Forms BacteriaCoja Jones
Bacteria in Gut Enteric Nervous SystemNature, 10 April 2014
Bacteria, Prevotella Bacteria
Bacteria, Ruminococcus Bacteria
Bacterial Endospore Bacteria (2021 Edition)
Bacterial Horizon Gene Transfer Bacteria (2021 Edition) "Horizontal Gene Transfer in Gram- Bacteria", SpringerLink
Bacterial Life Cycle Bacteria (2021 Edition) "Phases of the Bacterial Growth Curve ", ThoughtCo
Bacterial Membranes ATP - Energy Supplier for Life---, ResearchGate
Bacterial Reproduction Bacteria (2021 Edition)
Balance Balance---, Inquiry into Life
Band Gaps Many-Body Problem (2022)
Band Powers Power Spectrum Inspire, HEP
Band Theory Band Theory
Band Theory 2 Many-Body Problem (2022)
Barnard's Star Solar Neighborhood
BAO Evolution Hubble Constant 2018
BAO Horizon, Comoving Hubble Constant 2018
BAO Horizon, Light Travel Hubble Constant 2018
BAO k-w Plot Hubble Constant, 2018
Barometer HydrostaticsModern University Physics, by James A. Richards, etal, 1960
Basal Ganglia Connectome
Base Inorganic ChemistryGeneral, Organic, & Biological Chemistry
Bass Fishes
Bat Mammals
Battery Physical Chemistry
Bayesian Probability CMB Data Reduction
Beat Wave Music---
B Cell Activation Immune Systemdreamstime
Becoming Human What Makes Us Human?NewScientist, April 25 - May 1, 2009
Becoming Human, in Picture What Makes Us Human?Scientific American, September 2014
Becoming Human, Timeline What Makes Us Human?Scientific American, September 2014
BE-FD Distribution, Compare Bose-Einstein Distribution---, Wikipedia
Bell, John Quantum Interpretations
Bell's Inequality Bell's Theorem (QM vs EPR)---, Bell's Theorem, by Alain Aspect
Bell's Theorem, 2015 Test Quantum InterpretationsNew Scientist Daily News, 28 August 2015
Bell's Theorem, for Dummies Quantum InterpretationsNew Scientist Daily News, 28 August 2015
Bell Test, 2-Channel Bell's Theorem (QM vs EPR)---, Bell test experiments, Wikipedia
Bell Test, Nonlocality Bell's Theorem (QM vs EPR)Bell test experiments, Wikipedia
BE-MB Distribution, Compare Bose-Einstein Distribution---, Reading Feynman
Bernard Cells Non-equilibrium Thermo.
Bernard Cells, Entropy Non-equilibrium Thermo.Character of Rayeight-Benard Convection
Bernard Cells, Entropy Prod. Non-equilibrium Thermo.Character of Rayeight-Benard Convection
Bernard Cells, Ra Number Non-equilibrium Thermo.Rayleight-Bernard Convection
Bernoulli Likelihood Function CMB Data Reduction
Bessel Function, Img. OrderOptic FiberWikipedia
Bessel Function of the 1st Kind Two-Point Correlation FunctionWikipedia
Beta Decay A Brief History of Physics
Beta Decay, Modern Version Weak Interaction---, "The Weak Interaction", University of Warwick
Betelgeuse Solar NeighborhoodAstronet
BICEP2 Experiment Inflation and B-mode ---, Prof. Brian Keating
Big Bang and Cosmic Expansion Related PageParticle Data Group
Big Bang, Bright Age Big Bang TheoryAstronomy, The Definitive Visual Guide
Big Bang, Recombination Big Bang TheoryAstronomy, The Definitive Visual Guide
Big Bang, Dark Age Big Bang TheoryAstronomy, The Definitive Visual Guide
Big Bang, Electro-weak Era Big Bang TheoryAstronomy, The Definitive Visual Guide
Big Bang, Galaxy Formation Big Bang TheoryAstronomy, The Definitive Visual Guide
Big Bang, Nucleosynthesis Big Bang TheoryAstronomy, The Definitive Visual Guide
Big Bang, Planck Era Big Bang TheoryUniversity of Arizona
Big Bang, Present Era Big Bang TheoryAstronomy, The Definitive Visual Guide
Big Bang, Spectral Decoupling Big Bang TheoryAstronomy, The Definitive Visual Guide
Big Bang, Strong Era Big Bang TheoryAstronomy, The Definitive Visual Guide
Big Bang, Two Views Scientific American, 2006
Big Bang, Weak Decouplibg Big Bang TheoryAstronomy, The Definitive Visual Guide
Big Island, Hawaii Starry Night on Earth
Big Brain Trade-off Mammal Characteristics, Brain Nature, 1 December 2011
Binary Fission Mitosis and MeiosisWikipedia
Binding EnergyPrebiotic Evolution
Biodiversity Quaternary Period
Bio-electricity, Catsper Channel Body ElectricCAESAR
Bio-electricity, Channels Body Electric---, Encyclopedia of Science
Bio-electricity, Dart Body Electric
Bio-electricity, Eel Body ElectricAnimal Science Blog
Bio-electricity, Heart Body Electric---
Bio-electricity, Heartbeat Body Electric---
Bio-electricity, Myotonic Body Electric---
Bio-electricity, Nerve Gas Body ElectricThe Why File
Bio-electricity, Night Vision Body Electric---
Bio-electricity, Reception Body ElectricNature Reviews Neuroscience, December 2004
Bio-electricity, Sensory Body Electric---
Bio-electricity, Impulse Body Electric---, Tok Resource
Bio-electricity, Membrane Body Electric---, New Human Physiology
Biological Adhesion, Adhesion Belt Adhesion and CohesionWikipedia
Biological Adhesion, CAM Adhesion and CohesionMedical Biology Mjgan Cengiz
Biological Adhesion, Desmosome Adhesion and CohesionWikipedia
Biological Adhesion, Focal Adhes. Adhesion and Cohesion---, A Review of Cell Adhesion Studies for Biomedical ...
Biological Adhesion, Mechanics Adhesion and Cohesion---, Slide Player
Biological Adhesion, Gap Junction Adhesion and CohesionSlide Share
Biological Adhesion, H-Desmo. Adhesion and CohesionMemorize
Biological Adhesion, Integrin Adhesion and CohesionINTECH
Biological Adhesion, Proteoglycan Adhesion and CohesionKhan Academy
Biological Adhesion, Selectin Adhesion and CohesionImperial College, Department of Medicine
Biological Adhesion, Tight Junction Adhesion and CohesionUniversity of Vigo, Faculty of Biology.
Biological Clock, Mammalian Biological Clockabc Body Building
Biological Clock, Mechanism Biological Clock
Biological Clock, Timing Biological Clock
Biological Evolution 1 Multicellular OrganismsLife in the Universe, Scientific American (A Special Issue, 1995)
Biological Evolution 2 Multicellular OrganismsLife in the Universe, Scientific American (A Special Issue, 1995)
Biomes, Air Bacteria (2021 Edition) "Aeromicrobiology
Biomes, Airborne Bacteria (2021 Edition)
Biomes, Animals Bacteria (2021 Edition)
Biomes, Human Skin Bacteria (2021 Edition)
Biomes, Plants Bacteria (2021 Edition)
Biomes, Soil Bacteria (2021 Edition) "Soil Aggregate Microbial Communities"
Biomes, Space Bacteria (2021 Edition)
Biomes, Water Bacteria (2021 Edition)
Bioreactor Origin of Life
Birds Birds---
Birds, Evolution of Jurassic PeriodScientific American, January 2017
Bird, Smart Intelligencedalje
Blackbody Radiation CMBR Spectrum
Blackbody Radiation, Formula Quantum Theory, BB Radiation---, Hyper Physics
Blackbody Radiation, Frequency Quantum Theory, BB Radiation---, Slide Player
Blackbody Radiation, Luminosity Quantum Theory, BB Radiation---, University of Oregon
Blackbody Radiation, Peak Quantum Theory, BB Radiation---
Blackbody Radiation, Spectrum Quantum Theory, BB Radiation---, Body Physics
Blackbody Radiation, Stellar Stellar Structure---, WUWT
Blackbody Radiation, Theories Blackbody Radiation
Blackbody Radiation Wavelength Quantum Theory, BB Radiation---, Wikipedia
Black Hole, 4-Dimensional Pre-Big Bang Universes Scientific American, Special Edition, 2016
Black Hole Black Holes
Black Hole at Milky Way Center Black Hole at Milky Way CenterMax Planck Institute
Black Hole at MW Center, Image Milky Way Nature, May 2022
BH at Milky Way Center, Stars Black Hole at Milky Way CenterPearson Education, Inc.
Black Hole and Fuzzball Hawking Radiation
Black Hole and Gas Cloud Black HoleNature, 5 January 2012
Black Hole Cannibalism Milky Way Black HoleNature, 25 August 2011
Black Hole, Complementary Black Hole and InformationNewScientist
Black Hole, Cyg X-1 Stellar Black Holes
Black Hole, Detections Rotating Black HoleNewScientist
Black Hole, Electric Black Hole Information ParadoxGravity's Fatal Attraction, by M. Begelman and M. Rees, 2010
Black Hole, Evaporation Black Hole Evaporation
Black Hole Firewall Black Hole and InformationScientific American, April 2015
Black Hole Geometry Black Holes
Black Hole, GROJ0422 Stellar Black HolesNASA
Black Hole, Illustration Black Holes
Black-Hole, Imaging Black-Hole in M87 (2019)
Black Hole, Information Black Hole and InformationNature
Black Hole, Info Speculations Black Hole and InformationNewScientist, February 8 - 14, 2014
Black Hole, Info Summary Black Hole and InformationNewScientist, February 1 - 7, 2014
Black Hole in Galaxy Active Galactic NucleiHubble News
Black Hole, Inside Schwarzschild's Solution and BH
Black Hole, Interior Black Hole Interior---
Black-Hole, Jet Black-Hole in M87 (2019)
Black Hole, MCG-6-30-15 Rotating Black Hole
Black Hole Merger Gravitational Wave
Black Hole, MRK 335 Rotating Black Hole
Black Hole, NGC 4261 Black HolesHubble Space Telescope
Black Hole, NGC 7469 Rotating Black HoleHubble Site
Black Hole Spin Rotating Black HoleSky & Telescope, May 2011
Black Hole, Rapid Spin Rotating Black Hole---, Nature, 28 February 2013
Black Hole, Shadow BH at the Milky Way Center
Black Hole, Soft Hair Black Hole Paradox ---
Black Hole Light Rays Schwarzschild's Solution---
Black Hole Space-time Schwarzschild's Solution---
Black Hole, Stellar Stellar Black HoleAstronomy Online
Black Hole, Stimulation Gravity in Extra-dimensions
Black Hole, Supermassive Black HolesNuSTAR, NASA
Black Hole, Tidal Force Schwarzschild's Solution and BHA Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, 1996
Black Hole, Types Black Hole Interior---
Black Hole, V404 Stellar Black HolesEnchyclopedia of Science
Black Stars Black StarsScientific American, October 2009
Black Stars, Formation Black StarsScientific American, October 2009
Bladder, Swim FishesAqua Fanatic
Blazar QuasarsEncyclopedia of Science
Blazar, Spectrum Quasars
Blind-men and Elephant Loop Quantum Gravity
Blood Brain Barrier BrainUniversity of Colorado
Blood Brain Barrier Breaching BrainScientific American, June 2013
Blood Pressure Steady FlowM. J. Farabee
B Meson Decay B Meson DecayNature News, 7 August 2003
B-mode Discovery CMBR Polarization"Nature Special", March 18, 2014
B-mode, Inter-galactic Dust CMBR Polarization"Nature News", June 03, 2014
B-mode Polarization CMBR PolarizationYuki D. Takahashi
B-mode Projects CMBR Polarization"Sky & Telescope", October 2013
Boa ConstrictorGastroenterologyHow Stuff Works
Body Electric Gradient"Body Electric", by Robert Becker and Gary Selden, 1985
Body Fluids Body Fluids
Body Fluids, Composition Body Fluids
Body Fluid pH Levels Ageing Reliefs---
Body Plans Animals"Inquiry into Life", by Sylvia Mader
Body Plans 1 Three Germ Layers and Organs
Body Plans 2 Three Germ Layers and Organs
Body Symmetry Animals
Bohr Atomic Model Hydrogen AtomCatholic Schools Diocese of Maitland Newcastle
Bohr Hydrogen Atom Quantum Theory, BB Radiation---, San Francisco State University
Boltzmann Equation Related PageTBP
Boltzmann, Ludwig Related PageTBP
Bone ChordatesEncarta, Atlas of Anatomy
Bonyfishes, with Lung Related PageTBP
Book of History Future of the Human Race
Born, Max Brief History of PhysicsThe MIT Press
Box Jellyfish BalanceJames Cook University
Boxwood Related PageTBP
Brain Related PageTBP
Brain, Bilaterians Tertiary PeriodThe Dinosaur Fan
Brain Death, Definition Meditation ---, "Death, Scientific Facts ...", by R. Beliveau, D. Gingras, 2012
Brain, Ganglia Tertiary PeriodTBP
Brain, Hydra Tertiary PeriodTBP
Brain, Insect Tertiary PeriodTBP
Brain, Nerve Tertiary PeriodTBP
Brain, Primates Tertiary PeriodCurrent
Brain, Receptor Tertiary PeriodTBP
Brain, Urbilaterian Tertiary PeriodThe Cephalove
Brain, Vertebrates Tertiary PeriodUniversity of Colorado
Brain Activities & Mental Tasks Related PageTBP
Brain, Amygdala Related PageTBP
Brain, and IQ IntelligenceNewScientist, July 2-8, 2011
Brain, Basal Ganglia BrainAtlas of Functional Neuroanatomy
Brain, Cingulate Gyrus Related PageTBP
Brain, Coronal Section Related PageTBP
Brain, Corpus Callosum Related PageTBP
Brain Death Brain Wavehowstuffworks
Brain, Evolution of the Related PageTBP
Brain, Forebrain 1 Related PageTBP
Brain, Forebrain 2 Related PageTBP
Brain, Four Stages BrainYour Brain: A User's Guide, Time Inc.
Brain, Gestation Brain
Brain, Hindbrain 1 Related PageTBP
Brain, Hindbrain 2 Related PageTBP
Brain, Hippocampus Related PageTBP
Brain, Hypothalamus Related PageTBP
Brain, Limbic System 1 Related PageTBP
Brain, Limbic System 2 Related PageTBP
Brain Mass vs Body WeightThe BrainScientific American, July 2011
Brain, Midbrain Related PageTBP
Brain, Neural Connections BrainCenter on the Developing Child, Harvard University
Brain, Occipital Lobe Related PageTBP
Brain, Optic Chiasm Related PageTBP
Brain, Parietal Lobe Related PageTBP
Brain, Pineal Gland Related PageTBP
Brain, Prefrontal Cortex Related PageTBP
Brain, Reticular Formation Related PageTBP
Brain, Sagittal Section Related PageTBP
Brain, Schizophrenia Related PageTBP
Brain, Septum Related PageTBP
Brains of the Vertebrates Mammals"The Dragons of Eden" by Carl Sagan
Brain, Temporal Lobe Related PageTBP
Brain, Thalamus Nuclei Related PageTBP
Brain, Ventricles Related PageTBP
Brain Wave, EEG Brain Wave
Brain Wave, Seizure EEG Brain WaveBianca Belcher' Blog
Brain Wave, Sum of Spikings Brain WaveWikipedia
Brain Waves Related PageTBP
Brain Waves, Integration BrainNewScientist, July 10-16, 2010
Brane Bulk Correspondence Entanglement and Space-time EMC2
Brane, D- Related PageTBP
Brane, D-, InteractionRelated PageTBP
Brane, p- Related PageTBP
Branes Collision, Big Bang Pre-Bang UniversesAstronomy
Bread Mold Life Cycle Related PageTBP
Bristlecone PineOrigin of AgeingMaven's Photoblog
Broccoli Related PageTBP
Broken Spacetime Un-relativistic Theory---
Brown Dwarf Related PageTBP
Bryophytes Related PageTBP
Bubble Chamber Related PageTBP
Bubble Chamber, Trajectories Related PageTBP
Building Blocks for Life ATP - Energy Supplier for Life---
Bumblebee Related PageTBP
Burgess Shale Related PageTBP


Image Text Credit (TBP : To Be Posted)

Caecilian Amphibians
Calabi, Eugenio Introduction
Calabi-Yau, BraneSuperstring Theories
Calabi-Yau, Brokensymmetry Superstring Theories"Shape of Inner Space", by S. T. Yau, S. Nadis
Calabi-Yau, Chern Class Calabi-Yau Manifold"Shape of Inner Space", by S. T. Yau, S. Nadis
Calabi-Yau, Connection 1Connections---
Calabi-Yau, Connection 2Connections---
Calabi-Yau, Curvature 1-DCurvature
Calabi-Yau, Curvature 2-DCurvature
Calabi-Yau, EulerTopology
Calabi-Yau, Gauge BosonsSuperstring Theories
Calabi-Yau, GenusComplex Manifold
Calabi-Yau Manifold Calabi-Yau Manifold"Shape of Inner Space", by S. T. Yau, S. Nadis
Calabi-Yau, Manifold IntroductionReferenceAnswer
Calabi-Yau Manifolds Pre-Bang UniversesAstronomy
Calabi-Yau, Mobius Introduction
Calabi-Yau, ModuliModuli
Calabi-Yau, Monna LisaConnection
Calabi, Yau Shing Tung IntroductionWolf Foundation
Calabi-Yau Space SuperstringsThe Elegant Universe
Calabi-Yau Space Throat Pre-Bang Universes New Scientist
Calabi-Yau Space Variation Pre-Bang Universes Scientific American
Calabi-Yau, SuperpartnersSuperstring Theories
Calabi-Yau, Topology Calabi-Yau Manifold
Calabi-Yau, TransportKahler Manifold
Calcite Related PageTBP
Calculus, Formula Fabulous Formulas---
Calico Cat Related PageTBP
Cambrian, Anomalocaris Related PageTBP
Cambrian, Brachiopods Related PageTBP
Cambrian, Hallucigenia Related PageTBP
Cambrian, Jawless Fish Related PageTBP
Cambrian, Lichen Related PageTBP
Cambrian, Marrella Related PageTBP
Cambrian, Moss Related PageTBP
Cambrian, Mycorrhizal Related PageTBP
Cambrian, Opabinia Related PageTBP
Cambrian Oxygen Level Cambrian PeriodNature, 18 February 2016
Cambrian Period Related PageTBP
Cambrian, Sea Scorpion Related PageTBP
Cambrian, Trilobite Related PageTBP
cAMP, Structure Related PageTBP
cAMP, Process Related PageTBP
Cancer, Hallmarks of DNANature, January 2009
CapacitanceElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)
Capillaries, Types of Extracellular Fluids (ECF)
Carbonate Mineral on Mars MarsNature News, 3 June 2010
Carbon Dioxide, Emission Related Page
Carbon Dioxide, Hybridization Graphene---, Tutor Vista
Carbon Energy Levels Related PageTBP
Carbon, Hybridization Graphene
Carboniferous Period Related PageTBP
Carboniferous, Cordait Related PageTBP
Carboniferous, Cotylosaurs Related PageTBP
Carboniferous, Groups of Reptiles Related PageTBP
Carboniferous, Plants Carboniferous PeriodLife before Man
Carboniferous, Reptiles Evolution Related PageTBP
Carbon Monoxide Related PageTBP
Carbon SP3 State ATP - Energy Supplier for Life---
Carbon Tetrahedral Structure Related PageTBP
Carbon, Triple Alpha Process GrapheneAustralia Telescope National Facility
Cardiac Cycle CardiologyWikipedia
Cardiology Cardiology
Cardiology, Angina CardiologyCure Pages
Cardiology, Arrhythmia Cardiology
Cardiology, Cardiomyopathy CardiologyGene Dx
Cardiology, Congenital Disease CardiologyIrish Health
Cardiology, Coronary Disease CardiologyThe Wellington Hospital
Cardiology, Heart Attack CardiologyNIH
Cardiology, Heart Diseases Cardiology---, MedToGo
Cardiology, Heart in Action Cardiology
Cardiology, High Blood Pressure Cardiology---, emedicinehealth
Cardiology, Hypercholesterolemia CardiologyDaily Health Care Guide
Cardiology, Myocarditis CardiologyHeart-Symptoms
Cardiology, Rheumatic Disease Cardiology
Cardiology, Modern Techniques Cardiology
Cardiology, SA Node Cells Cardiology---, Cardiac Anatomy
Cardiology, Stroke CardiologySmart Draw
Carinae, Eta Wolf-Rayet StarsAstronomy Picture Of the Day
Carnot Cycle Entropy of Many Particles ---, Wikipedia
Casimir Effect Related PageTBP
Casparian Strip Related PageTBP
Cassini Orbiter Related PageTBP
Cathod-ray Tube Related PageTBP
Causality Double-Slit Experiment
Cavity, Acoelomate Related PageTBP
Cavity, Coelomate Related PageTBP
Cavity, Diploblasic Related PageTBP
Cavity, Pseudocoelomate Related PageTBP
CC a.k.a. Copy Cat Related PageTBP
Cedar Related PageTBP
C. Elegan Related PageTBP
Celestial Coordinates Related PageTBP
Celestial Sphere Related PageTBP
Cell Assembly Thought---, Nature, Neuroscience, August 2012
Cell Fate Cell Fate ManipulationBioquant
Cell Fate, Mechanical Effect Cell Fate ManipulationNature, 11 December 2008
Cell Membrane Related PageTBP
Cell Membrane, Structures Cell Fate Manipulation
Cell Migration Related PageTBP
Cell Nucleus Related PageTBP
Cell Organelles Related PageTBP
Cell, Size Size of Cells
Cell State Cell Fate ManipulationNature
Cell Transport Cell Transport---, Encyclopdia Britannica, Inc.
Cellular Clock Segmentation, Somitogenesis---, "cellular clocks explain why elephants are bigger than mice"
Cellular Differentiation The Three Germ Layers"Death", by R. Beliveau, D. Gingras
Centaurus A Related PageTBP
Central Molecular Zone (CMZ) The Milky WayDr. Katharina Immer
Centrosome and CentrioleAnimal Reproduction---, Nature
Cephalopods BrainNewScientist, June 11-17, 2011
Cepheid Variables Cepheid VariablesNature
Cepheid Variable Star RS Pup Cepheid VariablesAstronomy Picture Of the Day
Cerebellar Vermis Music and the BrainUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Cerebrum Mapping Related PageTBP
Ceres Related PageTBP
CERN Related PageTBP
Certification Processing Factoring and EncryptionWikipedia
Chadwick, J. Related PageTBP
Chain Reaction Related PageTBP
Chameleon Theory Dark EnergyNewScientist, July 31 - August 6, 2010
Chaos, Bifurcation Related PageTBP
Chaos, Fluid Flow Related PageTBP
Chaos, Fractal Related PageTBP
Chaos, Koch Curve Related PageTBP
Chaos, Lorenz Attractor Related PageTBP
Chaos, Lorenz Attractor, Color Coded Related PageTBP
Chaos, Lorenz Equations Related PageTBP
Chaos, Lorenz r = 10 Related PageTBP
Chaos, Lorenz r = 21 Related PageTBP
Chaos, Lorenz r = 400 Related PageTBP
Chaos, Three Body Related PageTBP
Chaos, Waterwheel Related PageTBP
Chaotic Universe Cosmic Quantum FluctuationsUniversity of Massachusetts Boston
Chem. Mystery, Biofuels The Future of Chemistryars technica
Chem. Mystery, Drug Invention The Future of ChemistryNature Reviews, January 2002
Chem. Mystery, Epigenetic The Future of ChemistryScientific American, October 2011
Chem. Mystery, Photosynthesis The Future of ChemistryScientific American, October 2011
Chem. Mystery, Sensor The Future of ChemistrySaclay Laser-matter Interaction Center
Chemicals in Bacterial Cell ATP - Energy Supplier for Life
Chemical Potential Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution---, Chemsite
Chemistry 2011, Betterliving Future of Chemistry
Chemistry 2011, Car Battery Future of Chemistry
Chemistry 2011, Earthship Future of ChemistryGreen Home Building
Chemistry 2011, Greenliving Future of ChemistryGreen Living Tips
Chemistry 2011, IMF Future of ChemistryCambridgeSoft
Chemistry 2011, Self Assembly Future of Chemistry
Chemistry 2011, Solar Power Future of ChemistryBig Green Smile
Chemistry, Future of Related PageTBP
Chemosynthesis Origin of LifeNewScientist, April 4-10, 2015
Chengjiang Related PageTBP
Chengjiang FossilsRelated PageTBP
Chicken EggBirds
Chicken Egg, MakingBirdsScience Illustrated, Nov/Dec 2009
ChimneysOrigin of LifeNature, 21 May 2009
Chirality Related PageTBP
Chiropody Chiropody (Podiatry)
Chiropody, Achilles Tendinitis Chiropody (Podiatry)TenDlite
Chiropody, Ankle Sprains Chiropody (Podiatry)
Chiropody, Athletes Foot Chiropody (Podiatry)
Chiropody, Bipedal Chiropody (Podiatry)AskWhy
Chiropody, Calluses and Corns Chiropody (Podiatry)Dr. Shawn etal Foot Clinic
Chiropody, Diabetic Foot Care Chiropody (Podiatry)
Chiropody, Flat Feet Chiropody (Podiatry)Pyro Energen
Chiropody, Foot Care Chiropody (Podiatry)
Chiropody, Lower Back Pain Chiropody (Podiatry)
Chiropody, Reflexology Chiropody (Podiatry)
Chiropody, Ingrown Toenail Chiropody (Podiatry)
Chiropody, Wart Chiropody (Podiatry)
Choanoflagellates Related PageTBP
Choanoflagellate Evolution Related PageTBP
Chordate Related PageTBP
Christie, Chris LHC
Chromatin Mitosis and Meiosis---, Wikipedia
Chromosome, DNA Related PageTBP
Chromosome Number Related PageTBP
Chromosphere Stellar Structure---
Ciliate, sexual reproduction Related PageTBP
Circadian Clock Related PageTBP
Circadian Clock, East and West Circadian Cycle, East and West
Circadian Clock, Mouse Genes Circadian Cycle, East and WestPenn Medicine
Circadian Cycle Related PageTBP
Circannual, Daylength Related PageTBP
Circannual, Migration & Hibernation Related PageTBP
Circannual, Regulation of Reproduction Related PageTBP
Circle Noncommutative Geometry
Circular Motion Related PageTBP
Circulatory Paths Related PageTBP
Citrate Darwinian evolution
Claustrum ConsciousnessNewScientist, July 5 - 11, 2014
Clay Periodic TableWikipedia
Clay Catalyst Origin of LifeScientific American, September 2009
Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients Quantum Mechanical Spins
Clepsydra Related PageTBP
Climate Related PageTBP
Climate Fluctuations Weather Life in the Universe, Scientific American (A Special Issue, 1995)
Climate Model Related PageTBP
Clock, Atomic Related PageTBP
Clock, Atomic, NewTime2Physics
Clock, Atomic, 2Related PageTBP
Clock, in Organs Biological ClockScientific American, February 2015
Clock, Quartz Related PageTBP
Clocks, Accuracy of Related PageTBP
Cloning, DNA Related PageTBP
Cloning, Embryo Related PageTBP
Cloning, Reproductive Related PageTBP
Closed system Related PageTBP
Closed time-like Curve (CTC) Related PageTBP
Cloud Chamber Related PageTBP
Clouds, Alto Related PageTBP
Clouds, Cirrus Related PageTBP
Clouds, Cumulus Related PageTBP
Clouds, Fluffy Related PageTBP
Clouds, Nimbus Related PageTBP
Clouds, Stratus Related PageTBP
Clouds, Types of Related PageTBP
Clouds, Types of Weather GuideIVAO - International Virtual Aviation Organisation
Cluster Classification Related PageTBP
Cluster of Galaxies 1 Related PageTBP
Cluster of Galaxies 2 Related PageTBP
Cluster of Galaxies, Abell 2125 Related PageTBP
Cluster of Galaxies, Evolution Related PageTBP
Cluster of Galaxies, Structure Related PageTBP
Cluster of Galaxies, Zoom inProto-Cluster SSA22 (2019) Tech Explorist
CMB Data Reduction CMB Data Reduction
CMB Frequency Bands CMB Data Reduction ---, Planck's Instruments
CMB Legacy WMAP and PlanckPlanck Finale
CMB Parameters, Likelihood Power Spectrum
CMB Polarization Inflation and B-mode
CMB Polarization, Spectra Inflation and B-mode
CMB r-Ratio Inflation and B-mode "Squeezing down the Theory Space for Cosmic Inflation"
CMBR Related PageTBP
CMBR, Acoustic Oscillations Related PageTBP
CMBR Analyzer Hubble Constant and 2018 Update---, WMAP, NASA
CMBR, Gravitational Lensing Big Bang Theory---, ESA, Planck satellite
CMBR, High Resolution Related PageTBP
CMBR-Hubble Dependence Hubble Constant and 2018 UpdateMax's Cosmic Cinema
CMBR Observations Power Spectrum---
CMBR Polarization Related PageTBP
CMBR, Recombination Related PageTBP
CMBR Spectrum Related PageTBP
CMBR Spectrum, Formation Cosmic Quantum Fluctuations---, Caltech
Cnidaria Related PageTBP
Cnidaria Life Cycle CnidariansPeter Chan, College of DuPage
Cnidaria, Types Related PageTBP
CNS and PNS Related PageTBP
Coarse-graining Sub-region Entropy---, Quora
CO2 over the Eons Photosynthesis - Respiration (2024 Review)Time Scavengers
Cochlea Related PageTBP
Cochlea and Sound Wave Related PageTBP
Coelom Formation Related PageTBP
Cockcroft-Walton Machine Related PageTBP
Coherence and Entanglement Entanglement Measure"Measuring Quantum Coherence with Entanglement"
Coherence Time by EPR Coherence Time (2019)
Coherence Time by Ligands Coherence Time (2019) ---, Tuning of molecular qubits, Chemical Comm., Issue 18, 2016
Coherence Time for MPc's Coherence Time (2019) ---, Tuning of molecular qubits, Chemical Comm., Issue 18, 2016
Coherence Time in Solvent Coherence Time (2019) Tuning of molecular qubits, Chemical Comm., Issue 18, 2016
Coherence Time, Spin Echo Coherence Time (2019) Wikipedia
Cold Dark Matter Evolution Related PageTBP
Collider Related PageTBP
Collider, LEP Related PageTBP
Collider, LHC Related PageTBP
Collider, RHIC Related PageTBP
Collider, SLAC Related PageTBP
Collider, Tevatron Related PageTBP
Collision Display Detectors---, Quantum Frontier, by Don Lincoln
Color Index Attenuation of Measurements
Colour Vision Related PageTBP
Coma Cluster Related PageTBP
Combination Example Statistics, Chance, ... Jeff LeMieux
Comet Related PageTBP
Comet, 67P CometNature, News, 06 August 2014
Comet, 67P Primitive Ice CometNature, 28 October 2020
Comet, 67P at PerihelionCometJPL/NASA
Comet, 67P near PerihelionCometJPL/NASA
Comet, 67P SurfaceCometESA
Comet, Rosetta Mission CometNature, News, 06 August 2014
Comet, Structure Related PageTBP
Comet, Tempel 1 Related PageTBP
Comet, Tempel 1, Impact Related PageTBP
Comet, Tempel 1, 2nd Visit CometsNASA, Deep Impact
Comet, Wild 2 Related PageTBP
Cometary Objects Stellar Structure---, PBS Video
Common Origin of Scale, Hairs, ...Reptiles ScienceNews, June 24, 2016
Compactification 1Related PageTBP
Compactification 2Related PageTBP
Complementarity Principle, ViolationRelated PageTBP
Complex Number Related PageTBP
Complex Plane, Rotation Group---
Complexity and Cell TypeRelated PageTBP
Complexity and Energy FlowRelated PageTBP
Complexity and Natural SelectionComplexityScientific American, August 2013
Composition of the Universe Related PageTBP
Compound Eye Cnidarians Science Illustrated, March/April 2009
Compound Eyes Arthropods Microcosmos
Compton, Arthur Brief History of PhysicsWashington University at St. Louis
Compton Gamma Ray Observatory Related PageTBP
Compton Scattering Related PageTBP
Compton Scattering, Cross Section Related PageTBP
Condyle Related PageTBP
Configuration Space Related PageTBP
Confluence of Energy Size of CellsPhysics Today 59 (May 2006), R. Phipips and S. Quake
Conformal Exmaples Holographic Space-time#conformal---
Conformal Transformations Related PageTBP
Conformal Mappings Holographic Space-time"The Shape of Inner Space" by Shing-Tung Yau and Steve Nadis
Conic Curves Many-Body Problem (2022)---
Connectome ConnectomeNature, 22 March 2012
Connectome, Axon Connectome---, Lubopitko-bg
Connectome, Brain Layers Connectome---, Child Trauma Academy
Connectome, C. elegans Connectome---, University of Edinburgh
Connectome, Dendrite ConnectomePsychology in Action
Connectome, Human Connectome---, Places and Spaces Mapping Science
Connectome, Nature Connectome
Connectome, Neural Dev. Connectome
Connectome, Phrenological Map ConnectomeNeurocritic
Connectome, Synapse ConnectomeScience, sewing and pretty things
Consciousness Consciousness
Consciousness, Animals ProspectsNewScientist, September 22 - 28, 2012
Conscious Controllers ConsciousnessNew Scientist
Consciousness Consciousness
Consciousness, Circuit Related PageTBP
Consciousness, Definitions Related PageTBP
Consciousness, Global WS ConsciousnessJEFF VAIL
Consciousness, Integration Consciousness Integration
Consciousness, Psychoanalysis Consciousness
Consciousness, Vision Loss Consciousness IntegrationTreating Blindness Takes More Than Meets The Eye
Conservation Rules, Examples Conservation Rules
Constant Speed of Light Related PageTBP
Constellations Related PageTBP
Constellation Chart Stargazing (for Beginner)---, University of Oregon
Constellation, Location of Individual Stars Related PageTBP
Continental DriftRelated PageTBP
Continental Drift and Life FormsRelated PageTBP
Continental Drift, AnimationRelated PageTBP
Continuity Equation Hubble Constant and 2018 Update---
Contour LoopRelated PageTBP
Controlled-NOT Gate Quantum Logic Processing---, Programming the Universe by Seth Lloyd
Convective Zone Stellar Structure
Convergence, Quantum GravityQuantum GravityOn Space and Time, Edited by Shahn Majid
CoolingSuperfluidiity---, Temperatures Very Low and Very High, by M. W. Zemansky
Cooper PairSuperconductivity---, HyperPhysics
Cooperation, Mammoth Hunting What Makes Us Human?Archaeology News Network
Cooperative Dynamics Novel Properties at Nano-scale---
Correlation Energy Many-Body Problem (2022)Correlation energy as a measure of non-locality, epl, August 2015
Coordinate RotationRelated PageTBP
Copulation What Makes Us Human
Coral Related PageTBP
Coriolis Force High and Low Pressure Cells
Coriolis Force, Spiral Arm Spiral Flow 2 (2022 Edition)---, Plus Magazine
Corona Stellar Structure
Coronavirus Vaccines Immune SystemNature, 28 April 2020
Correlation and Variance Two-Point Correlation Function---
Correlation and Variance, Examples Two-Point Correlation Function---
Cosine WaveRelated PageTBP
Cosmic Beginning MultiversesNewScientist, January 14-20 2012
Cosmic Density and w-parameter Hubble Constant ---
Cosmic Density Correlation Power Spectrum---
Cosmic Density Correlation 2 Power Spectrum---
Cosmic Density Fluctuation Power Spectrum---
Cosmic Density, Model Power Spectrum---
Cosmic Density Parm's Plot Hubble Constant Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London
Cosmic Density, Power Spectrum Power Spectrum---
Cosmic Distance Hubble Constant
Cosmic Distance, Lookback Hubble Constant Universe - The Definitive Visual Guide
Cosmic Distance, Illustration Standard Cosmology---
Cosmic Distance, Types of Standard CosmologyAn Atlas of the Universe
Cosmic Density, Evolution Standard CosmologyAstronomy, June 2012
Cosmic Early History Origin of Time---
Cosmic Eras Density Power Spectrum---, University of Oregon
Cosmic Evolution Higgs Field (2021 Edition) ---, Palaeos
Cosmic Expansion, CMBR Related PageTBP
Cosmic Expansion, 4 Forces Related PageTBP
Cosmic Expansion, GUT Related PageTBP
Cosmic Expansion, Inflation Related PageTBP
Cosmic Expansion, Particles Related PageTBP
Cosmic Expansion Rate by BAO The Role of BAO
Cosmic Inflation, Problems Inflation TheoryScientific American, April 2011
Cosmic Joy MultiversesNature, 20 January 2011
Cosmic History Origin of Time
Cosmic Parameters Cosmological ModelsAstronomy Picture Of the Day
Cosmic Rays, Detectors Related PageTBP
Cosmic Rays, Origins of Related PageTBP
Cosmic Ray Spectrum Related PageTBP
Cosmic Rays, HE Electrons Cosmic Rays Nature
Cosmic Rays, UHE Cosmic Rays Astronomy Picture of the Day
Cosmic Redshift Related PageTBP
Cosmic Standard Rulers Dark Energy
Cosmic Strings Cosmic Strings
Cosmic Strings, Theories Cosmic StringNew Scientist
Cosmic Timeline, 2012 Evolution of GalaxyAstronomy, September 2012
Cosmic Timeline, 2014 Dark EnergyAstronomy, September 2014
Cosmic Timeline, Schematic First Star (+ 2018, 2022 Update)---
Cosmic Triangle Standard Cosmology"Heart of Darkness", by J. P. Ostriker and S. Mitton
Cosmological Constant Related PageTBP
Cosmological Constant, Fine-tuning MultiverseScientific American, August 2011
Cosmology, Quantum Quantum CosmologyThe Universe Before the Big Bang
Cosmology, String Quantum CosmologyThe Universe Before the Big Bang
Coulomb's LawElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)---
Coupling Constants, Effective Divergence---
Covalent Bonds Related PageTBP
Covid-19, 2020 Immune SystemNature, 7 May 2020
Cowan, C. and Reines, F. Related PageTBP
CP Symmetry Related PageTBP
CPT for Electron CPTUniversity of Maryland
CPT Invariance, Test Conservation Rules---, Nature, 13 August 2015
CP Violation, CKM Matrix Related PageTBP
CP Violation, Ko Decay Related PageTBP
CP Violation, Neutral B Decay Kaon and Neutral B DecaysFermilab Wine & Cheese Seminar
CP Violation, Unitarity Related PageTBP
Crab Nebula SupernovaeAstronomy, Vol. 39, Issue 3, March 2011.
Cranial Nerves Related PageTBP
Cranial Nerve, 0thRelated PageTBP
Cretaceous Period Cretaceous PeriodLand Before Us
Cretaceous, Angiosperm Related PageTBP
Cretaceous, Ankylosaurs Related PageTBP
Cretaceous, Asteroid Impact Related PageTBP
Cretaceous, Buttercup Related PageTBP
Cretaceous, Ceratopsians Related PageTBP
Cretaceous, Coelurosaurs Related PageTBP
Cretaceous, Flowering Plants Cretaceous PeriodHistorical Atlas of the Dinosaurs
Cretaceous, Hadrosaurs Related PageTBP
Cretaceous, K-T Boundary Related PageTBP
Cretaceous, Lily Related PageTBP
Cretaceous, Mono/Di-cots Related PageTBP
Cretaceous, Mosasaurs Related PageTBP
Cretaceous, Plants Related PageTBP
CRISPR-Cas9 ApplicationsCRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing
CRISPR-Cas9, Clinical TrialCRISPR-Cas9 Genome EditingNature News, 15 November 2016
CRISPR-Cas9, Dino-chickCRISPR-Cas9 Genome EditingYour News Wire
CRISPR-Cas9 Gene DriveCRISPR-Cas9 Genome EditingNature, 09 July 2019
CRISPR-Cas9, OCT4 RemovalCRISPR-Cas9 Genome EditingNature, 20 September 2017
CRISPR, mini-Cas9CRISPR-Cas9 Genome EditingNature News, 01 April 2015
CRISPR Genome EditingCRISPR-Cas9 Genome EditingNational Geographic, August 2016
CRISPR Genome Editing StepsCRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing
Crocodile, Ancient Cretaceous PeriodNature
Crossota MillsaeOrigin of LifeCNN
Crustal PlatesContinental Drift NASA
Cryo-ET Imaging Structure in a Cell (2022)The secret lives of cells as never seen before, 2021
Crystal Related PageTBP
Crystal Types Related PageTBP
CSL-1 Related PageTBP
CTIF Mechano-transduction
Curie, M. Related PageTBP
Curl of VectorElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)---
Current Loop Synchrotron RadiationElectric Motor
Curvatures of Space Related PageTBP
Curvilinear Motion, Centrifugal Centripetal Centrifugal Forces---, School for Champions
Curvilinear Motion, Diff. Rot. Differential Rotation---, Ohio State University
Curvilinear Motion, Kepler Orbital Motions---, Slide Player
Curvilinear Motion, Lag. Pts. Orbital Motions---, Space for Science
Curvilinear Motion, Lorentz F. Orbital Motions
Curvilinear Motion, Inertia Rigid Body DynamicsHH-AP-Physics-B
Curvilinear Motion, Parabolic Orbital Motions
Curvilinear Motion, Polar Plot Differential RotationWikipedia
Curvilinear Motion, Rigid Body Rigid Body Dynamics
Cutaneous Gas Exchange Related PageTBP
Cuttlefish OctopusNew Scientist
Cyanobacteria Related PageTBP
Cyclic Universe Pre-Big Bang Universe---, Astronomy, April 2009
Cyclic Universe, Cosmo. Constant Cyclic Universe---, Physics World
Cyclic Universe, Dark Energy Vacuum Energy Density---
Cyclic Universe, Linearized Cyclic Universe---, Discovery Magazine, September, 2013
Cyclone, Profile Spiral Flow 2 (2022 Edition)
Cyclotron Related PageTBP
Cylinderical Coordinates Steady Flow Eastern Iowa Community College
Cygnus, Exoplanet Hunting Extrasolar Planets Yale Astronomy


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DAMA, Dark Matter Modulation Dark Matter, DAMA 2018---, DAMA/LIBRA Phase 2
Damped Vibration Inflaton FieldThis is Physics
Damped Vibration, Forced Inflaton FieldHyper Physics
Dark Age, 21-cm Line First Star (+ 2018, 2022 Update)---, Molecular Astrophysics and Star Formation
Dark and Baryonic Matter Related PageTBP
Dark Energy Related PageTBP
Dark Energy and Universe Related PageTBP
Dark Energy and Galaxy Related PageTBP
Dark Energy and Void Dark EnergyScientific American, April 2009
Dark Energy Density Quantum Field, 2nd Quantiztion Yale University
Dark Energy Era Vacuum Energy DensityCaltech
Dark Energy, Evidences Dark EnergyNew Scientist, May 11 - 17, 2013
Dark Energy, Illusion Dark Matter and EnergyNew Scientist
Dark Energy, Novel Idea A Novel Idea on Dark Energy ---
Dark Energy Survey Dark Matter and EnergyDark Energy Survey
Dark Flow Large Scale StructureNew Scientist, January 24-30 2009
Dark Matter Related PageTBP
Dark Matter - 2012 Update Dark MatterNewScientist, January 7-13 2012
Dark Matter, 2014 Update Dark MatterNature News, 05 March 2014
Dark Matter, Black Holes Dark MatterNewScientist, August 20-26 2011
Dark Matter, Deficiency of Dark MatterNature News, 19 April 2012
Dark Matter Distribution Related PageTBP
Dark Matter Experiments Cosmic Rays---, NewScientist, March 7-13 2009
Dark matter, General Properties Dark Matter---
Dark Matter Halo Related PageTBP
Dark Matter in Bullet Cluster Dark Matter
Dark Matter in M. Ball Cluster Dark MatterNewScientist, January 19-25, 2013
Dark Matter Lensing Dark MatterAstronomy Picture Of the Day
Dark Matter Properties Neutrino, Right-Handed---
Dark Matter, Puppet Show Dark MatterYouTube
Dark Matter, Quark Agglomerations Nuclear ModelsNew Scientist, August 22-28, 2015
Dark Matter, Review 2018 Dark MatterNature, 4 October, 2018
Darwin, Charles Related PageTBP
Dating - AMSDating - Radioactive ---, Hyperphysics
Dating - CalibrationDating - Radioactive Wikipedia
Dating - Carbon 14 Dating - Radioactive The Random House Encyclopedia
Dating - IsochronDating - Radioactive ---, Hyperphysics
Dating - K 40 Dating - Radioactive Scientific Impossibility of Evolution
Dating - K 40 DecayDating - Radioactive ---, IN2P3
Dating - Optical Optical Dating
Dating - Radioactive Decay Dating - Radioactive ---, University of Waikato
Dating - Rehydroxylation Rehydroxylation Dating
Dating - Sample MassDating - Radioactive Wikipedia
Dating - Radiometric SystemsDating - Radioactive American Geological Institute
Daya Bay Detection of Neutrino Mass
D-brane Related PageTBP
de Broglie Brief History of PhysicsKvarkadabra
de Broglie Wave Packet Related PageTBP
Decay Related PageTBP
Decoherence Related PageTBP
Decoherence, Example 1 Decoherence Wikipedia
Decoherence, Example 2 Decoherence Wikipedia
Default State (Network) Default State (Network) ---, New Scientist
Deforestation Related PageTBP
Deformation of Solid Body Formation of Spherical BodyStanford University
Degeneracy Stars Preon StarsNew Scientist
Delta Function Related PageTBP
Deimos Formation of Spherical Body
Deneb Related PageTBP
Density Fluctuation Evolution of GalaxyUniversity of Illinois
Density Functional Theory Many-Body Problem (2022)---, Semantic Scholar
Density Matrix Entanglement Measure (2019)
Density Matrix 2 Entanglement Measure
Density Matrix, General Entanglement Measure---, "Density matrix: distinguishing pure and mixed states"
Density Power Spectrum Density Power Spectrum---, Max Tegmark, University of Pennsylvania/MIT
Density Wave Related PageTBP
Density Wave Anatomy Related PageTBP
Density Wave Illustration Spiral Flow 2 and Density Wave
Density Wave Patterns Related PageTBP
Density Wave Theory Spiral Flow 2 and Density Wave
Density Wave, Update Related Page
Density Wave Reinvigoration Related PageTBP
Dentistry, Braces Dentistry
Dentistry, Caries DentistryeSchool Today
Dentistry, Cosmetic DentistryShreveport Dentistry
Dentistry, Histroy DentistrySlide Share
Dentistry, Mandible DentistryPix Good
Dentistry, Maxilla DentistryImage Arcade
Dentistry, Periodontium DentistrySlide Share
Dentistry, Periodontology DentistryGoodman Dentistry
Dentistry, Prosthodontics Dentistry
Dentistry, Oral Medicine Dentistry
Dentistry, Root Canal DentistryEvershine Dentistry
Dentistry, Tooth Anatomy DentistryWikipedia
de Sitter Universe with k = +1 Related PageTBP
DESY Related PageTBP
Detection of Gluons Related PageTBP
Detection of Neutrino Related PageTBP
Detection of Neutron Related PageTBP
Detection of Positron Related PageTBP
Detection of Quarks Related PageTBP
Detection of Tau Neutrino Related PageTBP
Detection of Top Quark Related PageTBP
Detection of W Boson Related PageTBP
Developmental Hourglass Homeobox GenesNature, 9 December 2010
Devonian, Cheirolepis Related PageTBP
Devonian, Fern Related PageTBP
Devonian Fish Related PageTBP
Devonian, Forest Related PageTBP
Devonian, Holoptychius Related PageTBP
Devonian, Horsetail Related PageTBP
Devonian, Ichthyostega Related PageTBP
Devonian, Lungfish Related PageTBP
Devonian, Plants Devonian PeriodLife before Man
Devonian Shark Related PageTBP
Devonian, Springtails Related PageTBP
Diatomic Molecules Quantum Harmonic Oscillator ---, Wikipedia
Diatoms Related PageTBP
Dielectric Constant, ListElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)
Differentiation Noncommutative Geometry ---
Differentiation, Consciousness Differentiation
Diffraction Optical MicroscopesWikipedia
Diffraction, Single Slit Double-Slit
Diffraction Pattern PtychographySympatec
Diffusion Non-equilibrium Thermo.Science Fact
Diffusion, Two Types Rehydroxylation Dating ---, O'Flynn and deSouza Breast Cancer Research
Digestion Photosynthesis - Respiration
Digestive SystemGastroenterologyHealth, Medicine and Anatomy Reference Pictures
Digestive System, BoaGastroenterologyThe Digestive System and Its Nine Phyla
Digestive System, CowGastroenterologyStomach Pics
Digestive System, FunctionsGastroenterologyKennesaw State University
Digits of Bird and DinosaurJurassic Period---, Nature, 17 June 2009
Dimensions in String Theory Related PageTBP
Dinosaur, in China Jurassic Period---, Nature, 6 September 2012
Dinosaur, Oldest Feathered Jurassic Period
Dinosaur Skin Characteristics Cretaceous Period---, Nature, 19 March 2009
Diode Transistor
Diplopoda Related PageTBP
Dirac, Equation Derivation of the Dirac Eq.
Dirac, P. A. M. Domains of Activity in Physics
Discovery of Atomic Nucleus Related PageTBP
Discovery of Radioactive Elements Related PageTBP
Disk and Jets Related PageTBP
Disk Formation 1 Related PageTBP
Disk Formation 2 Related PageTBP
Disk Formation 3 Related PageTBP
Dispersion Measure, SNR Repeating Fast Radio Burst"Dispersion and Rotation Measure of SNR", April 2018
Dissipative Process Related PageTBP
Dissipative Processes Non-equilibrium Thermo.
Dissipative Structures Non-equilibrium Thermo.
Dissonance MusicAmerican Scientist
Distance-Comoving,LookbackRelated PageTBP
Distant Red Galaxies (DRG) Proto-Cluster SSA22 (2019) Astronomical Society of Japan, Volume 67, Issue 5, October 2015
DNA Chain Formation Related PageTBP
DNA, Chloroplast ... Related PageTBP
DNA Components Digital DNA
DNA Cycle Digital DNA
DNA Data Digital DNA MIT technology Review, July 7, 2016
DNA, Data Storage Digital DNA Nature, 1 September 2016
DNA, Digital Digital DNA Nature, 1 September 2016
DNA Encapsulation Digital DNA Protection of DNA
DNA Extraction DNA Extraction
DNA Extraction Kit DNA Extraction
DNA Extraction PropDNA Extraction
DNA, Gel Electrophoresis Gel Electrophoresis GENETICS
DNA, Auto-Electrophoresis Gel Electrophoresis University of the Western Cape
DNA Hierarchical Shotgun DNA Large Scale Sequencing The Science Creative Quarterly
DNA Hybridization Large Scale Sequencing Human Genetics by R. Lewis
DNA Image DNA Extraction Science & Technology Review
DNA Large Scale Sequencing Large Scale Sequencing
DNA Micro Array, Affymetrix Large Scale Sequencing Affymetrix
DNA Micro Array, Roche Large Scale Sequencing Roche
DNA, Non-coding Related PageTBP
DNA, PCR PCR Biocomputing
DNA Profile Related PageTBP
DNA Replication Related PageTBP
DNA Replication Motors Molecular Motors
DNA Restriction Enzyme Gel Electrophoresis HOPES at Standford
DNA Sequencing DNA Sequencing The Science Creative Quarterly
DNA Shotgun Sequencing DNA Large Scale Sequencing The Science Creative Quarterly
DNA StructureDNA---, CUNY Brooklyn College
DNA VaccineVirus
DNA Vaccine, ZyCoV-D Virus
Dolly Related PageTBP
Domains of Theory Particle---, Wikipedia
Doomsday Clock Related PageTBP
Doomsday Clock, 2018 Future of the Human RaceThanks to Trump, Livemint
Doomsday Machine Related PageTBP
Doping, Semiconductor Many-Body Problem (2022)Electrical Conduction in Semiconductors, MKS Instruments
Double-Beta Decay LeptogenesisNature, 12 July 2012
Double-Slit, Bullets Double-slit ExperimentUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
Double Slits Diffraction Quantum Interpretations (2019)
Double-Slit Experiment Related PageTBP
Double-Slit Exp. & Quantum Double-Slit Experiment
Double-Slit Interference Double-slit Experiment---
Double-Slit, Mathematics Double-slit Experiment---, smart -koala
D. rad Bacteria Related PageTBP
Drain in the Sink Spiral FlowAmy Lamp Design
Drake Diagram Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence ---, The Living Cosmos
Drake Parameter Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence ---
Drake, Frank Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence SETI
Dream Related PageTBP
Dream, Peaceful Related PageTBP
Dream, Nightmare Related PageTBP
Dream, as Data Processing Related PageTBP
Dried Foods Related PageTBP
Drift Chamber Related PageTBP
Dromaeosaur Related PageTBP
Drop Tower Experiment General Relativity---
Drug Addiction Related PageTBP
DUFFY, Block Malaria Infection What Makes Us Human?
Dying Star, Antares Related PageTBP

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E8 Lie Group Lie GroupsAtlas of Lie Groups Project
E8 Representations Lie GroupsEl Naschie Watch
Ear Bones AmphibiansYour Inner Fish
Ear Bones, Evolution ofMammalian CharacteristicsNewScientist, April 16 - 22, 2011
Ear, Evolution of theRelated PageTBP
Early Mammal Diversification Triassic PeriodNature
Early Mammal Evolution Related PageTBP
Early Mammals Related PageTBP
Early Universe, 21 cm Line First Star
Earth, Beginning The BeginningAstronomy
Earth, Black Rocks, Minerals, & GemsScientific Ameican, March 2010
Earth, Embryo Related PageTBP
Earth, Formation Rocks, Minerals, & GemsScientific Ameican, March 2010
Earth, Green Rocks, Minerals, & GemsScientific Ameican, March 2010
Earth, Half-sized Related PageTBP
Earth History Historical Records---, Andree Valley
Earth History, Acasta River Historical Records---, Science Buzz
Earth History, Apex Chert Historical Records---, University of Wisconsin
Earth History, Bombardment Historical RecordsFine Art America
Earth History, Global Related PageTBP
Earth History, Jack Hills Historical Records---, Wikipedia
Earth History, Local Related PageTBP
Earth in a Void Dark EnergyNewScientist
Earth-Moon Collision Earth, the BeginningNature News, 8 April 2015
Earth-Moon System Dark Matter---
Earth, New World Related PageTBP
Earth, Old World Related PageTBP
Earth, Outer Core Internal StructuresUniversity of Maryland, Dept of Geology
Earth, Primitive Related PageTBP
Earthquake Magnitude Continental Drift---, Allana Wheeler
Earth, Red Rocks, Minerals, & GemsScientific American, March 2010
Earth, Water from Skies Earth, the BeginningScientific American, March 2015
Earth, White Rocks, Minerals, & GemsScientific American, March 2010
Earth, Whole EarthNASA
Earth Quake and FaultsContinental DriftNewScientist, January 7-13 2012
Earth Quake ZonesRelated PageTBP
Earth, Structure Related PageTBP
Earth, Structure (new) Related PageScientific American, June 2010
Earth, The End The End of EarthTBP
Earth, The End of Life The End of EarthNew Scientist, May 7-13, 2016
Earth's Thermostat Continental DriftNewScientist, 27 September 2008
Earthworm Segments Related PageTBP
EAST (Experimental ...) Related PageTBP
Easter Island Related PageTBP
Echidnas Related PageTBP
Echinoderms Related PageTBP
Ecliping Binary, Lightcurve Related PageTBP
Eclipses Moon"Astronomy, The Definitive Guide", by Robert Burnham
Eclipse, Solar Rotating Black HoleTBP
Eclipse 1919, Solar Rotating Black Hole---, "Heart of Darkness", by J. P. Ostriker and S. Mitton
Ecliptic above Philippines Ecliptic and SymbolsThe World At Night (TWAN)
Ecliptic and ZodiacRelated PageTBP
Ecliptic and Zodiac 2 Ecliptic and Symbols
Ecliptic Coordinates Related PageTBP
E. coli's Response Related PageTBP
E. coli Evolution Darwinian evolution Nature, 27 September 2012
Eco-cycleNon-equilibrium Thermo.
EDAR Gene, SNP What Makes Us Human?---, GB Healthwatch
Edentate Related PageTBP
Ediacara Assemblages Related PageTBP
Ediacara Fauna Related PageTBP
Ediacara Hills Related PageTBP
Effects of Radiation Effects of Nuclear Explosions Next Big Future
Eigenvalue, Definition Entanglement Measure
Eightfold Path Global Gauge SymmetryAmerican Scientist, March - April 2012
Eightfold Way Global Gauge Symmetry"Quantum Field Theory" by Michio Kaku
Einstein, Albert Related PageTBP
Einstein and Friend TimeInsignificance
Ejunks, Recycle Periodic Table
Ekpyrotic Scenario Related PageTBP
Electric Fairy Body Electric
Electric Fairy, S1 Body ElectricUniversity of Leeds
Electric Fairy, S2 Body ElectricUniversity of Leeds
Electric Fairy, S3 Body ElectricUniversity of Leeds
Electric Fairy, S4 Body ElectricUniversity of Leeds
Electric Fairy, S5 Body ElectricUniversity of Leeds
Electric Fairy, S6 Body ElectricUniversity of Leeds
Electric Fairy, S7 Body ElectricUniversity of Leeds
Electric Field and PotentialElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)Bradenton University
Electric Generator, ACElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)---, Imgur
Electric Generator, AC (amination)Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)Imgur
Electric Generator, DCElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)---, Quora
Electric Generator, Hydro Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)Quora
Electric Generator, TypesElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)
Elecric InductorElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)Hyper Physics
Elecric Inductor, ACElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)
Electric Motor Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)
Electric Power Distribution Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)
Electrical Power TransmissionElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)Wikipedia
Electrical Resistance, Human Body Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)
Electrical Resistivity, List Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)---
Electrical Resistivity, Chart Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)---, University of Cambridge
Electrical Safety Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)
Electrical Safety, for Kids Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)BC Hydro
Electroceuticals Acupuncture---, Nature, 11 April 2013
Electro-genic Fishes Body ElectricUniversity of South Dakota
Electrolyte Related PageTBP
Electromagnetic Field, Longitudinal 1st and 2nd Quantizations
Electromagnetic Spectrum Related PageTBP
Electromagnetic Spectrum 2 Electromagnetic SpectrumSURA
Electromagnetism Related Page---
Electronic TransistorBright Hub Engineering
Electronic Configuration, Cu Coherence Time (2019)
Electron Gas Many-Body Problem (2022)
Electron Self-energy Related PageTBP
Electron Transport Chain Body ElectricFree Test Preparation
Electroscope Related PageTBP
Electrostatic Force Classical TheoryDoc Brown's Physics Notes
Electrostatic Potential Classical TheoryGonzaga University
Electroweak Interaction Related PageTBP
Electroweak Stars Electroweak StarsESO
Elementary Particles Related PageTBP
Elementary Particles and Mesons Related PageTBP
Elephant Related PageTBP
Elephant Shark OrthopedicsCarnivora
Elephant ShrewMammalsThe Ancestor's Tale
EM-space Magnetic Monopole
Embedding Diagram Related PageTBP
Embryo, Angiogenesis VasculogenesisIntegrative Biology, Issue 2-3, 2010
Embryo, at 16 -19 Days Symmetry Breaking, Body PlanA peek into the black box of human embryology
Embryo, Bio-processing Engineering and Bio-processing
Embryo, Body PlanBody PlanAustin Peay State University
Embryo, Body Plan, SchematicBody PlanLife Unfolding, by Jamie A. Davies, 2014
Embryo, Brain 4&6 WeeksFormation of Nervous SystemWikipedia
Embryo, Brain DevelopmentFormation of Nervous SystemKids and Parenting
Embryo, Capillary VasculogenesisPass My Exams
Embryo, Cell Division Cell DivisionLife Unfolding, by Jamie A. Davies, 2014
Embryo, Cell Migration Cell MigrationUniversity of Toronto
Embryo, Cell Movement Cell MovementNature, Scitable
Embryo, CirculationHeart Tube FormationGuelph University
Embryo Day-14 Embryology, 2023 Update
Embryo Development Related PageTBP
Embryo Development, LanceletRelated PageTBP
Embryo, Early Mammals"Inquiry into Life", by Sylvia Mader
Embryo, Ectoderm Body PlanWikipedia
Embryo, Endoderm Body PlanWikipedia
Embryo, Genitals Determination of SexDuke University Medical School
Embryo, Germ Layers Body Planehumanbiofield
Embryo, GPS Cell Movement and Migration
Embryo, Growth Cone Formation of Nervous SystemUniversity of Leipzig
Embryo, Gut Tube Bio-tubingLife Unfolding, by Jamie A. Davies, 2014
Embryo, Gut Tube OrgansDevelopment of the OrgansJournal of Molecular Endocrinology
Embryo, Heart Formation Heart Tube FormationLife Unfolding, by Jamie A. Davies, 2014
Embryo, Hox Gene Activation Hox GenesLife Unfolding, by Jamie A. Davies, 2014
Embryo, Hox Gene Hox GenesWikipedia
Embryo, ICMCell SpecializationLife Unfolding, by Jamie A. Davies, 2014
Embryo, Meningeal Layers Formation of Nervous SystemNursingcrib
Embryo, Limb DevelopmentDevelopment of LimbLife Unfolding, by Jamie A. Davies, 2014
Embryo, Mesoderm Body PlanWikipedia
Embryo, Neural Tube Bio-tubingThe-Crankshaft Publishing
Embryo, Organogenesis Organogenesisuniversitaires Saint-Luc
Embryo, Primordial Germ CellsSymmetry Breaking, Body PlanGerm Cells Development in Canine
Embryo, SEM Images Embryology, 2023 Update
Embryo, Segmentation Segmentation
Embryo, Sex DeterminationDetermination of SexLife Unfolding, by Jamie A. Davies, 2014
Embryo, Somite ClockSegmentationLife Unfolding, by Jamie A. Davies, 2014
Embryo, Somite Development Segmentation DevelopmentDevelopment
Embryo, VasculogenesisCirculation SystemLife Unfolding, by Jamie A. Davies, 2014
Embryonic DevelopmentChordatesDevelopmental Biology
Emergent Universe Quantization of Friedmann Eq.NewScientist, December 1-7, 2012
Elecromotive Force (EMF)Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)
Emission Spectrum, 3C273 Periodic TableThe Open University
Emission Spectrum and Orbitals Periodic Table
Emission Spectrum, Discharge Periodic Table
Emission Spectrum, Hydrogen Periodic Table
Empty Universe, Potential Quantization of Empty UniverseThe Comprehensible Cosmos by V. J. Stenger
Empty Universe, Wavefunction Quantization of Empty UniverseThe Comprehensible Cosmos by V. J. Stenger
EM Wave, Long Wavelength Dark EnergyNewScientist, June 2-8, 2012
EM Wave Polarization EM Wave Polarization
Emzyme Related PageTBP
Enceladus, 2015 SaturnNewScientist, March 14-20, 2015
Enceladus Related PageTBP
Enceladus, GeyserRelated PageTBP
Enceladus, Underground OceanSaturnNature News, 03 April 2014
Encryption Quantum Logic Processing
Encryption, Hacking Quantum Logic Processing
End of the Universe End of the Universe---
End of Time Related PageTBP
End of Time, Julian Barbour TimeJulian Barbour's Home Page
Endospore Related PageTBP
Endothermy Warm Bloodedness---, Nature, 28 January 2016
Energy Band Related PageTBP
Energy Band, Types of Topological Insulator---, Wikipedia
Energy, Forms of Novel Properties at Nano-scale---
Energy Level and Cosmic Exp. Quantization of Friedmann Eq.---
Energy Levels, Hydrogen Atom Related PageTBP
Energy Levels, Diatomic Mole. Related PageTBP
Energy, MinimumPrebiotic Evolution
Energy-Momentum TensorGeneral RelativityWikimedia
Engine, Carnot Related PageTBP
Engine, DieselRelated PageTBP
Engine, Flow Diagram Related PageTBP
Engine, Gasoline Related PageTBP
Engine, Steam Related PageTBP
Enhancers GenomesScientific American, May 2008
ENS, Global View Enteric Nervous System---, Nature Review, May 2012
ENS, Sectional View Enteric Nervous SystemKIN450-Neurophysiology
ENT, Allergy ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)
ENT, Balance Disorder ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)Medicine Net
ENT, Cancers ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)National Cancer Institute
ENT, Ear ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)
ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)McGill University
ENT, Facial ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)Huffington Post
ENT, Hearing Loss ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)Disabled World
ENT, Nose Anatomy ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)University of Minnesota
ENT, Rhinology ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)
ENT, Sleep ApneaENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)Parkway Dental
ENT, SnoringENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)
ENT, Throat AnatomyENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)Stock Photography
ENT, Voice LossENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)Healthwise
Entanglement Quantum Interpretations
Entanglement and Space-time Entanglement and Space-time Nature, 19 November 2015
Entanglement and Wormhold Entanglement and Space-time
Entanglement, Combined Sys. Combined SystemsQuantum Mechanics" by L. Susskind, 2014
Entanglement, Degree of Entanglement
Entanglement, Electrons Entanglement Measure (2019)---, "Quantum entanglement", J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys., 2011
Entanglement, Hydrogenic Entanglement Measure---, UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute
Entanglement, Implementation Related PageTBP
Entanglement, Measure Entanglement Measure (2019)---, "Quantum entanglement", J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys., 2011
Entanglement, Measurement Related PageTBP
Entanglement, Quantum Dot Entanglement Measure (2019)
Entanglement, Superposition Quantum Logic ProcessingNewScientist, September 19-25, 2009
Entropy Related PageTBP
Entropy, Addition Related PageTBP
Entropy and Gravity Cosmic Evolution of EntropyCycles of Time by R. Penrose
Entropy and Information Non-equilibrium Thermo.
Entropy and Life Organic Compounds Digital Recordings
Entropy and Multiplicity Related PageTBP
Entropy, Cosmic Evolution Cosmic Evolution of EntropyNotes Based on Teaching Company Lectures
Entropy Evolution Entropy "Dark Energy and Entropy of the Obs. Universe", C. Lineweavera
Entropy, Prehistory Evolution Cosmic Evolution of EntropyScientific American
Entropy, Higher Entanglement Measure (2019)
Enzyme and Ligand Proteins and Enzymes
Epigenetic Related PageTBP
EPR Correlation Bell's Theorem (QM vs EPR)Bell's Theorem, by Alain Aspect
EPR Experiment Bell's Theorem (QM vs EPR)Bell's Theorem, by Alain Aspect
EPR Paradox Bell's Theorem (QM vs EPR)---, The EPR Paradox
Equivalence, Principle Related PageTBP
ER-EPR, BH - Hawking Rad. ER-EPR 2022 Update"Cool horizons for entangled black holes"
ER-EPR, Eternal Black Hole ER-EPR 2022 Update
ER-EPR, Holography ER-EPR 2022 Update
ER-EPR Summary ER-EPR 2022 Update
ER-EPR Tensor Network ER-EPR 2022 Update---, "Tensor networks for complex quantum systems"
ER-EPR, Thermofield ER-EPR 2022 UpdateResearchGate
Eridani, EpsilonSolar NeighborhoodAstronomy
Eris (UB313)Related PageTBP
Eris, MythologicalRelated PageTBP
ERO Related PageTBP
Escape Velocity Classical Theory---
Eternal Inflation Parallel Universes, Multiverse Astronomy, October 2011
Eternal Inflation 2 Parallel Universes, Multiverse"Our Mathematical Universe", by Max Tegmark, 2014
Etiquette What Makes Us Human?McGill University
ET, Search for Related PageTBP
Euler-beta FunctionS Marrix Wikipedia
Euler's FormulaDifferential Formulas Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula
Europa, Chaos Terrains JupiterNature, 24 November 2011
Europa, CO2 JupiterScience, October 08, 2023
Europa, Instruments JupiterNature, 11 September 2014
Europa, Plate Tectonics JupiterNature, 11 September 2014
Europa, Plumes JupiterSciTechDaily, October 28, 2023
Europa, Tectonics JupiterScience Learning Hub
Eusthenopteron Related PageTBP
Event Horizon Observer Related PageTBP
Event Horizon Telescopes Astronomical InstrumentsWikimedia Commons
Evolution, Antarctic Fish Related PageTBP
Evolution, Armor Related PageTBP
Evolution, Cavefish Related PageTBP
Evolution, Colobus Monkey Related PageTBP
Evolution, Coloration Related PageTBP
Evolution, Compact Galaxies Evolution of GalaxyNature, 6 August 2009
Evolution, Icefish Related PageTBP
Evolution, Melanic Moths Related PageTBP
Evolution of Complexity Related PageTBP
Evolution of EyeChordatesScientific American, July 2011
Evolution of Galaxies Related PageTBP
Evolution of Gill ArchesChordatesYour Inner Fish
Evolution of H and G Quantum CosmologyThe Universe Before the Big Bang
Evolution of Human RaceFuture of the Human Race---
Evolution of JawsChordates
Evolution of Mouth and AnusRoundwormsNature
Evolution of Vision Cnidarians ---, Science Illustrated, March/April 2009
Evolution, Pelvicfin Related PageTBP
Evolution, Plasticity EvolutionNewScientist, January 17-23, 2015
Evolution, Smell Related PageTBP
Evolution, Yeast Related PageTBP
Evolutionary Theory, EES Evolution
Evolutionary Theory, SET Evolution
Evolutionary Tree Related PageTBP
Evolutionary Tree of Animals Related PageTBP
Evolutionary Tree, Pictoral Related PageTBP
Evolutionary Tree, Revised Related PageTBP
Evolutionary Tree, Ring Shaped Related PageTBP
Exercise and Gene Expression Related PageTBP
Exercise, Benefits of Ageing, ReliefsSA, Staying Young, March 5, 2015
Exodus Related PageTBP
Exoplanet 1 Extrasolar SystemNASA
Exoplanet 2 Extrasolar SystemNational Research Council Canada
Exoplanet 3 Birth of a Planetary SystemEuropean Southern Observatory
Exoplanet 4 Birth of a Planetary SystemGemini Observatory
Exoplanet, Kepler-76b Extrasolar SystemHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Exoplanets, Detected Extrasolar SystemNature, 5 March 2009
Exoplanets, Earth-sized Extrasolar SystemNature, 9 February 2012
Exoplanets, Earth-like Extrasolar SystemNASA Kepler News
Explosion and GR Models Standard Cosmology---, The Age of Everything by Matthew Hedman
Exponential Expansion Cosmic Quantum FluctuationsTeaching Company
Exponential Function, Complex Related PageTBP
Export Quota Periodic Table---, NewScientist, June 18-24, 2011
External Fertilization FishesJ. S. Elcano
Extinctions Related PageTBP
Body Fluids Body Fluids
Extra Dimension Related PageTBP
Extracellular Fluid (ECF) Extracellular Fluids (ECF)
Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Extracellular Fluids (ECF)
Extraembryonic Membranes Related PageTBP
Extrasolar Planet, 1RSX Extrasolar PlanetsGemini Observatory
Extrasolar Planet, 2M1207b Related PageTBP
Extrasolar Planet, Detection Related PageTBP
Extrasolar Planet in GQ LupiRelated PageTBP
Extrasolar Planets Related PageTBP
Eyesights Primitive Invertebrates ---, Your Inner Fish


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Face Map, TCM Facial SymptomsChinese Face Mapping, Alitura
Face Map, Modern Facial SymptomsDaily Mail
Faraday Related PageTBP
FAST Telescope in China Radio Telescopes
Fat, Functions of ATP - Energy Supplier for LifeBauman College Wellness Program
Father of Western Medicine Cardiology
Fat Related PageTBP
Fat Digestion ATP - Energy Supplier for Life
Father of Western Medicine Cardiology
Fatty Acids Related PageTBP
Feathers Related PageTBP
Fermentation Photosynthesis - Respiration
Fermentation types Photosynthesis - Respiration Anaerobic Respiration
Fermi-Dirac Distribution Degeneracy Pressure---
fermat's Spirals Spiral Flow 2 (2022 Edition)---
Fermi-Dirac Statistics Fermi-Dirac Distribution
Fermi, Enrico Related PageTBP
Fermilab Related PageTBP
Fermions and Bosons Related PageTBP
Fermion Table 1Elementary ParticlesScientific American
Fermion Table 2 PreonsScientific American, November 2012
Fermion Table 3A Brief History of Physics---, A Beautiful Question" by Frank Wilczek
Fermi's Theory Weak Interaction
Ferro-magnetization Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)HyperPhysics
Fertilization - Implantation Mammals---, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Feynman, Contour Integral Green's Function, Renormalization---, Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory, by Robert Klauber
Feynman Diagram Related PageTBP
Feynman Diagram, Tree & Loop Tachyon in Physics---
Feynman Diagram, Closed String Related PageTBP
Feynman Diagrams, Interactions Related PageTBP
Feynman Diagram, e-e Scattering Related PageTBP
Feynman Diagram, e Self-energy Related PageTBP
Feynman Diagram, - Scattering Related PageTBP
Feynman Diagram, Self-energy Related PageTBP
Feynman Diagram, Standard Model Related PageTBP
Feynman Diagram, Strong Int.SO(10) Group---
Feynman Diagram, Vacuum Related PageTBP
Feynman Diagram, Vertex Related PageTBP
Feynman, Physics and Sex Path Integral
Feynman, Propagator Green's Function, Renormalization---, Tutor Vista
Feynman, Richard A Brief History of Physics
Fiber-To-The-HomeOptic FiberKendall Internet
Fifth-D Model, Neutrino with Mass Related PageTBP
Fine and Hyperfine Structures Periodic Table
Fir Related PageTBP
First Land Animal Related PageTBP
First Land Animal, Fossil Related PageTBP
First Stars, 21 cm Absorption Profile First StarNature, 01 March 2018
First Stars, 21 cm Radio Wave First StarDiscover, April 2104
First Stars, Birth and Death First StarsAstronomy, June 2011
First Stars, Detection First StarsAstronomy, June 2011
First Stars, EDGES Antenna First StarArizona State University
First Stars, Evolution Related PageTBP
First Stars, Explanation First StarScientific American, April 2014
First Stars, HE0107-5240 Related PageTBP
First Stars, Infrared Signatures Related PageTBP
First Stars, Reionization First StarProf. Rennan Barkana
First Stars, Structure Related PageTBP
Fishes Related PageTBP
Fish, Evolution of Devonian PeriodTBP
Fish Fins, Evolution of EvolutionNature, 24 June 2010
Fission, Atomic Bombs Fission Application
Fission, CentrifugeFission ApplicationThe Jerusalem Post
Fission, Cross SectionNuclear Fission
Fission, Diffusion PlantFission ApplicationQwiki
Fission, Fragments Nuclear FissionEncyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.
Fission, Fuel FabricationFission ApplicationCameco
Fission, Reactor # 1Fission Application
Fission, Reactor # 2Fission Application
Fission, Reactor # 3Fission Application
Fission, Reactor # 4Fission Application
Fission, Laser EnrichmentFission ApplicationNature, 5 July 2012
Fission, Laser SeparationFission Application---, National Geoscience Database Of IRAN
Fission, Neutron SpectrumNuclear FissionDOE Fundamentals Handbook
Fission, Nuclear Potential Nuclear Fission---, The Los Alamos Primer, by Robert Serber
Fission, Plutonium Fission ApplicationWikipedia
Fission, Quantum Transmission Nuclear Fission---, "Quantum Theory", by David Bohm
Fission, U Fuel ProcessingFission ApplicationNuclear Energy
Fission, Uranium CompoundsFission Application---
Fission, Uranium EnrichmentsFission Application---
Fission, Uranium Fission Fission ApplicationTutorVista
Fission, Uranium Production Fission ApplicationCharts Bin
Five Dimensional Space-time Related PageTBP
Five Kingdoms Related PageTBP
Five-Note Related PageTBP
Flagellum EvolutionNew Scientist
Flame Test Periodic TableWikipedia
Flatfish, Morphology Evolution---, Nature
Flow by Gravity Feed Related PageTBP
Flow, Laminar Related PageTBP
Flow, Turbulent Related PageTBP
Flow, Uniform Related PageTBP
Flower Related PageTBP
Fluke Related PageTBP
Flying LemurMammalsThe Ancestor's Tale
Food-chain Bose-Einstein Distribution---, ThingLink
Foods, some Organic Related PageTBP
Forces vs Distance Elementary ParticlesCyberPhysics
Form Factors Related PageTBP
Formation of PolymerOrigin of LifeNewScientist, January 17-23 2009
Fossil and DNA Dating Biological Classifications---, Inquiry into Life
Fossils Records Vendian PeriodNewScientist, August 4-10, 2012
Fourier Series Related PageTBP
Fourier Superposition Related PageTBP
Fourier Synthesis Related PageTBP
Fourier Transform Cosmic Quantum FluctuationsMRI
Fourier Transform, Music Power Spectrum ---, Power Spectra Estimation
Four-Momentum Relativistic Theory---, Wikipedia
FOXP2 gene What Makes Us HumanThe New York Times
Fractal in Nature Related PageTBP
Frame Dragging Related PageTBP
FRB 121102 Repeating Fast Radio BurstA 2nd Repeating FRB, January 14, 2019
FRB 180814 Repeating Fast Radio BurstA 2nd Source of Repeating FRB, Nature, 09 January 2019
FRB, Radio Telescopes Repeating Fast Radio BurstA 2nd Repeating FRB, January 14, 2019
Free-falling Frame Related PageTBP
Free Will, Original Sin Higher FunctionsArgyle Empire
Free Will, Inappropriate Action Related PageTBP
Friedmann, Alexander Related PageTBP
Frilled Shark Fishes
Frog, Lungless AmphibiansAssociated Press
Front, Occluded Related PageTBP
Front, Types Related PageTBP
Front, Weather Related PageTBP
Fruit Related PageTBP
Fukushima Cleanup Fission ApplicationNature, 14 April 2011
Fukushima Flowchart Fission ApplicationNature, news, 18 April 2011
Fukushima Incident Fission ApplicationNature, Online, 15 March 2011
Fukushima Robot Fission ApplicationNature, news, 18 April 2011
Fullerene Related PageTBP
Functional Related PageTBP
Functional Groups Related PageTBP
Fungi Related PageTBP
Fundamental Forces Fundamental InteractionsNature
Fundamental Interactions Related PageTBP
Fusion Related PageTBP
Fusion and BBNFussion Applications Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Fusion, Rate in Stars Fusion
Fusion, Reaction RateApplications of Fusion---, Webster's Online Dictionary
Fusion, Upstarts FusionNature, 24 July 2014
Fusion, Stellar Fusion
Futhest Cluster of Galaxies Extremely Red Objects NASA
Futhest Galaxies Extremely Red Objects NASA
Future of the Malkyway 1 Dark Energy, Dark MatterScientific American
Future of the Malkyway 2 Dark Energy, Dark MatterScientific American
Future of the Universe 1 Related PageTBP
Future of the Universe 2 Related PageTBP
Future of the Universe 3 Related PageTBP
Fynman Diagrams, Higher Order Quantum Field, 2nd Quantization---, A New Kind of Science


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G2 Cloud, Encounter with SgrA* Black Hole at Milky Way CenterNature, 20 August 2015
Galactic Cluster Formation Related PageTBP
g-2 Experiment Related PageTBP
GAIA Data Milky Waygaia, ESA
GAIA Project Milky Way---, eoPortal
GAIA Scope Milky Waygaia, esa
Galactic Cluster Formation Related PageTBP
Galactic Cluster Mass WMAP and ESA/PlanckNature, 20 February 2014
Galactic Coordinates Related PageTBP
Galactic Coordinates, All Sky Related PageTBP
Galactic Coordinates, CMB Power Spectrum ---
Galactic Emissions Related PageTBP
Galactic Encounter The Virgo SuperclusterNASA
Galactic Mass Assembly Formation of GalaxyNature, 9 May 2013
Galactic Rotation Curve Dark Matter via MOND---, Hyper Physcis
Galactic Star Cluster, OB Ass. Galactic Star ClustersScientific American, March 2013
Galactic Star Cluster, Open Galactic Star ClustersScientific American, March 2013
Galactic Star Cluster, T Ass. Galactic Star ClustersScientific American, March 2013
Galactic String Related PageTBP
Galaxy 1, Ancient Related PageTBP
Galaxy 2, Ancient Related PageTBP
Galaxy, Baby Related PageTBP
Galaxy, Baby, HUDF-JD2 Related PageTBP
Galaxy, Classification Related PageTBP
Galaxy, Composition Related PageTBP
Galaxy, Development PathwaysRelated PageTBP
Galaxy, Dwarf Related PageTBP
Galaxy, Dwarf and Milky Way Dark Matter in the Milky WayScientific American, March 2014
Galaxy, Early, J1148+5251 Galactic Black HolesVery Large Array, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Galaxy, High z and Massive First Star---, A population of massive galaxies ~600 Myr after the Big Bang
Galaxy Evolution Related PageTBP
Galaxy Evolution, Simulation Evolution of GalaxyAstronomy
Galaxy Formation Related PageTBP
Galaxy, High Z First Star (+ 2018, 2022 Update)Webb telescope about distant galaxies
Galaxy, Mass Range of Formation of Galaxies---
Galaxy, Merger SimulationRelated PageTBP
Galaxy, OldestFormation of GalaxiesNASA
Galaxy, Proto- Formation of GalaxiesESO
Galaxy Proto-, Evolution Related PageTBP
Galaxy Survey, 2dF Related PageTBP
Galaxy Survey, 2MASS Large Scale StructuresTwo Micron All Sky Survey
Galaxy Survey, APM Related PageTBP
Galaxy, TypesRelated PageTBP
Galilean TransformationRelated PageTBP
Gamma FunctionS Marrix Wikipedia
Gamma-ray BurstsNeutrino TelescopeEuropean Southern Observatory
GalileoRelated PageTBP
Gamma-Ray Burst, longSupernovaeAstronomy, February 2013
Gamma-Ray Burst ModelSupernovaeNature, 17 May 2012
Gamma-Ray Burst, shortSupernovaeAstronomy, February 2013
Gamma-ray ObservatoriesLoop Quantum GravityNewScientist, August 15-21, 2009
Gamma-ray SkyHigh Frequency ObservationsGLAST, NASA
Gamma-ray Sky 2 High Frequency ObservationsGLAST, NASA
Gamma-ray Source in the Milky Way, EGRETRelated PageTBP
Gamma-ray Source in the Milky Way, HESSHigh Frequency ObservationsTBP
Gamma-ray Source in the Milky Way, INTEGRALHigh Frequency ObservationsTBP
Gastroenterology, AchalasiaGastroenterologyPatient Co.
Gastroenterology, AppendicitisGastroenterologyThe Free Dictionary
Gastroenterology, Barrett'sGastroenterology
Gastroenterology, CarcinomaGastroenterology---, Fighting Colorectal Cancer
Gastroenterology, CirrhosisGastroenterology---, Health on the Net Foundation
Gastroenterology, Colon PolypsGastroenterologyJohns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center
Gastroenterology, DiabetesGastroenterology
Gastroenterology, DiseasesGastroenterology
Gastroenterology, DiverticulitisGastroenterologyRayur
Gastroenterology, GallstonesGastroenterologyCanadian Liver Foundation
Gastroenterology, Gastritis GastroenterologyInteractive Health
Gastroenterology, Heartburn Gastroenterology
Gastroenterology, Hemorrhoids Gastroenterology
Gastroenterology, Hepatitis Gastroenterology
Gastroenterology, Hernia Gastroenterology
Gastroenterology, IBD Gastroenterology
Gastroenterology, Peptic Ulcers GastroenterologyPhysiopedia
Gauge FieldRelated PageTBP
Gauge TransformationQ Fielf History, Gauage Theory---
Gauss TheoremRelated PageTBP
Gaussian DistributionGeneration of CMBR---, Statistics How To
Gaussian Multivariate CMB Data Reduction Egwald Web Services
Gaussian Power Spectrum Cosmic Quantum FluctuationsUniversity of Michigan
Ge Detector LeptogenesisNature, 12 July 2012
Geiger Counter Related PageTBP
Gell-Mann and Ne'eman Related PageTBP
Gemstones Worldwide Rocks and GemstonesAmerican Scientist, March - April 2012
Gene Evolution Related PageTBP
Gene Expression Related PageTBP
Gene Mutation in Giant Panda Natural SelectionBeauty of Nature
Genes, Number of Related PageTBP
Genetic Code Related Page
Genome, Minimal Related PageTBP
Genomes SizeRelated PageTBP
GEO600 DetectorHolographic Universe---
Geodynamo Theory Internal StructuresNEWS FROM GEOLOGY & EARTH SCIENCE
GeoenginneringFuture of the Human RaceNewScientist, October 12 -18, 2013
Geometry of the UniverseAngular-Size Redshift RelationNature, 468, November, 25, 2010
Geomagnetic Storm, Effects of SunSpace Weather Canada
Geometric Shape Formation of Spherical Body---
Geranium Stem Encarta, MSN
Germ LayersRelated PageTBP
G Factor, Bound Electorn DataGyromagnetic Ratio Bound-electron g-factor difference in coupled ions
G Factor, Bound Electorn Exp.Gyromagnetic Ratio Bound-electron g-factor difference in coupled ions
Giant Molecular Cloud (GMC) First Star (+ 2018, 2022 Update)---, Molecular Astrophysics and Star Formation
Gibbon Related PageTBP
Giraffe Related PageTBP
Glashow, Salam, Weinberg Related PageTBP
Glass Related PageTBP
GLAST Related PageTBP
GLAST, Launched High Frequency ObservationsNASA
Glial Cells ThoughtInternet Information Services
Global AgeWatch, Ageing Old Age ReliefsGlobal AgeWatch Index
Global AgeWatch, Criterions Old Age ReliefsGlobal AgeWatch Index
Global AgeWatch, Ranking Old Age ReliefsGlobal AgeWatch Index
Global Energy Consumption Future of the Human Race
Global/Local TransformationsGauge TheoryString Theory
Global Warming Related PageTBP
Global Warming, Impact Related PageTBP
Global Warming, Rising Temp. Related PageTBP
Globular Cluster Distribution Related PageTBP
Global Positioning System Related PageTBP
Global Warming Related PageTBP
Gold Atoms Related PageTBP
Gossip What Makes Us Human
Grandfather Paradox Related PageTBP
Grand Unified Theory (GUT) Related PageTBP
Grand Unified Theory, SSB Magnetic Monopole
Grand Unified Theory, SU(5) Magnetic Monopole
Gran Sasso National Lab. Neutrino as TachyonNature News, 23 May 2012
Graphene, 2D Band Graphene IdentifictionNTT Technical Review
Graphene Applications Graphene Applications
Graphene Application Chart Graphene ApplicationsNanowerk
Graphene, Battery Graphene ApplicationsThe Stack
Graphene Bilayer, Superconduct. Graphene Properties
Graphene Bilayer, Unconven. SC Graphene PropertiesDFG-Forschergruppe
Graphene, Color Space Graphene Identifiction
Graphene, Contrast Identification Graphene Identifiction"Rapid identification of 2-D nanosheets using optical microscopy"
Graphene, CVD Graphene Production
Graphene, DOS Graphene Properties
Graphene, Edge State Graphene StructureGraphene, Wikipedia
Graphene, Filters Graphene ApplicationsChemical Society Reviews
Graphene, Future Graphene ApplicationsNature, 2012
Graphene, Images Graphene Identifiction---
Graphene, k-space Graphene Structure
Graphene, LPE Graphene ProductionNational Graphene Institute
Graphene Oxide Graphene PropertiesResearch Gate
Graphene, Polarization Isolation Graphene Properties
Graphene Production Graphene ProductionScience Direct
Graphene Production, Scalable Graphene Production---, Nature, 2012
Graphene Properties Graphene Properties
Graphene, Raman Spectroscopy Graphene Identifiction
Graphene, Total Color Difference Graphene IdentifictionResearch Gate
Graphene, Smart WindowsGraphene ApplicationsNature Photonics, 2010
Graphene, Structure Graphene Structure
Gravity, Theories of Related PageTBP
Gravitational ConstantElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)---, Wikipedia
Gravitational & EM Waves Related PageTBP
Gravitational Force Related PageTBP
Gravitational Lens Gravitational LensAstronomy Now
Gravitational Lens, A2218 Related PageTBP
Gravitational Lens, QSO0957 Gravitational LensInstitut fur Theoretische Astrophysik
Gravitational Lens, Quasars Related PageTBP
Gravitational Lens, Time Delay Related PageTBP
Gravitational Redshift Black HoleASTRONOMY 330 LINKS PAGE
Gravitational Time Dilation Black HoleNew Scientist, December 13 - 19, 2014
Gravitational Wave Quantization of Freidmann Eq.---, Caltech
Gravitational Wave, Binary Related PageTBP
Gravitational Wave Detection Gravitational WaveScientific American, October 2013
Gravitational Wave Detector Related PageTBP
Gravitational Wave, 4 Events Gravitational Wave GW170814 Skymap
Gravitational Wave, 5 Events Gravitational WaveLIGO
Gravitational Wave, GW170814 Gravitational Wave GW170814 Skymap
Gravitational Wave, GW170814/GW150914 Gravitational Wave GW170814 Skymap
Gravitational Wave, Pulsars Gravitational WaveNewScientist, March 20-26, 2010
Gravitational Wave, Spectrum Gravitational WaveESA, LISA
Graviton and Gluon Unitarity MethodScientific American, May 2012
GRB090423 SupernoveaGemini Observatory
GRB120323A, Spectrum of SupernoveaNature News, 08 May 2012
GRB130427a SupernoveaNASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
GRB130427a, Spectral Lags SupernoveaINSPIRE
GRB Light Curve SupernoveaNature, 468, 2010
Great Wall, in Ruin Entropy of Many Particles
Great Wall of China Habitable ZoneMeddows-Taylor's Photo Gallery
Greek Alphabets Greek Alphabets, and LinguisticsZazzle
Green Alga Related PageTBP
Greenhouse Effect Related PageTBP
Green Pea Galaxy (GP) First Star
GP Characteristics First Star"Finding Peas in the Early Universe with JWST"
GP, Elliptical Galaxy Evolution First Star
GP in Auroras Green First Star"Auroral Storm over Lapland", Astronomy Picture of the Day
GP, Magellanic Clouds - Age First Star
Green Tea Related PageTBP
Green's Function Quantum Field, 2nd Quantization---, Y. Hisada and J. Bielak
Greigite Related PageTBP
Group 01, Lithium Related PageTBP
Group 02, Beryl Related PageTBP
Group 02, Emerald Related PageTBP
Group 11, Gold Related PageTBP
Group 11, Pyrite Related PageTBP
Group 13, Aluminum Related PageTBP
Group 14, Diamond Related PageTBP
Group 15, Phosphorus Related PageTBP
Group 16, Sulfur Related PageTBP
Group 17, Iodine Related PageTBP
Group 18, Neon Related PageTBP
Group and Subgroup Related PageTBP
Group wave Uncertainty Principle---
Growth and Decline Future of the Human RaceThe New Modern Man
GUT, SU(5)Q Fielf History, Gauage Theory---
GW150914, Black Holes Merger Gravitational WaveLIGO Scientific Collaboration
GW150914 Detection Gravitational WaveLIGO Open Science Center
GW170817 Gravitational WaveLIGO
Gymnosperms Related PageTBP
Gyromagnetic Ratio, Classical Related PageTBP


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H2 Wave Function Related PageTBP
H2 Potential Curve Related PageTBP
H2O Energy Levels Related PageTBP
Habitable Zone Related PageTBP
Habitable Zone, 2016 Update Habitable ZoneNew Scientist, May 21, 2016
Habitable Zone and Stellar Mass Related PageTBP
Habitable Forming ConsciousnessRunkeeper
Hadean Period Geological Records Sky & Telescope, August 2010
Hadron, Multiplicity S-MatrixSuperstring Theory, by M. B. Green etal
Hadrons Related PageTBP
Hadron, Scattering S-MatrixSuperstring Theory, by M. B. Green etal
Half Snake Related PageTBP
Hall Quantum Conductivity Hall Effect Radboud University
Hall Effect (Classical) Hall Effect
Hall Effect, Degeneracy Hall Effect Wikipedia
Hall Effect (Quantum) Hall Effect ---, Johns Hopkins University
Hall Effect (Quantum Anomalous) Hall Effect
Hall Effect (Quantum Spin) Hall Effect
Hall Effect (Quantum Spin), Math. Hall Effect
Hall Effect, Topological Hall Effect
Hall Effect, 3D-Topological Hall Effect
Hall Effect, Topological SC Hall Effect
Hand Axe What makes us human
HAR1 Gene What Makes Us HumanScientific American, May 2009
Hare Related PageTBP
Harmonic Motion Related PageTBP
Harmonic Oscillator, Coupled Harmonic Oscillator, Coupled---, The Open University
Harmonic Oscillator, Diatomic Harmonic Oscillator, App.---, Wikipedia
Harmonic Oscillator, H2O Harmonic Oscillator, CoupledChemwiki, UC Davis
Harmonic Oscillator, HCl Harmonic Oscillator, CoupledWikipedia
Harmonic Oscillator, Motion Harmonic Oscillator, ClassicalSocratic
Harmonic Oscillator, Quantum 1st Quantization Schrodinger EqWikipedia
Harmonic Oscillator, Wave Func. Harmonic Oscillator, Quantum---, Hyper Physics
Harmonic Oscillator Wave Pack.Harmonic Oscillator, Quanti.---, University of Virginia
Harmony and Discord MusicNewScientist, May 8-14, 2010
HARPS Exoplanets
HARPS-North Extrasolar SystemNature, 29 March 2012
Hashing Factoring and Encryption
H Atom and Q Microscope H Atom Images, Q Microscope---, Hydrogen Atoms under Magnification
H Atom and VMI H Atom Images, Q Microscope---, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
H Atom Images H Atom Images Q MicroscopeHydrogen Atoms under Magnification
H Atom in E Field H Atom Images, Q Microscope---, Hydrogen Atoms under Magnification
H Atom, S States H Atom Images, Q MicroscopeUC Davis ChemWiki
Hawaiian Volcanos Continental DriftUniversity of Virginia
Hawking and the Cosmos Action and PathCBC
Hawking at 70 MultiversesLondon Science Museum
Hawking Radiation Related PageTBP
Hawking Radiation Rate Hawking RadiationA Brief History of Time
Hawking, Stephen Related PageTBP
Hawking, Stephen 1945-2018 Black Hole Information Paradox The Jewish Press
Hbomb Detonation: 1, 2, 3, 4,5Applications of Fusion
HCP Brain, Examples ConnectomeNature, 11 August 2016
HCP Brain, from Uni- to Multi- ConnectomeNature, News, 11 August 2016
HCP Brain, Rotating View Connectome---
He3-He3 Reaction Related PageTBP
He3-D Reaction Related PageTBP
Healthy Life Style Cardiology
Heat Capacity, Low Temperature Specific Heats of Solids
Heat Capacity, Phonon Specific Heats of Solids Wikipedia
Heat Capacity, Substances Specific Heats of Solids
Heat Capacity, Theories Specific Heats of Solids
Heat Transfer Entropy of Many Particles
Heisenberg, Werner Related PageTBP
Helix Nebula Related PageTBP
Helicopter Lift for Aeroplane Helicopter History Site
Heliopause Stellar StructureWikipedia
Hematite Related PageTBP
Hermite Polynomials Quantization of the UniverseQuora
Hesperonychus Cretaceous PeriodUniversity of Calgary
Hidden Variables Related PageTBP
Hierarchy Problem SupersymmetryScientific American
Higgs and Mass Hierarchy Problem with Higgs---, Clipart Library
Higgs Boson Decay Modes LHC---, Quantum Frontier, by Don Lincoln
Higgs Boson Production Modes LHC---, Knocking on Heaven's Door, by Lisa Randall
Higgs Boson, Vacuum Decay Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
Higgs Condensate Related PageTBP
Higgs Field Related PageTBP
Higgs Field and Standard ModelRelated PageTBP
Higgs Field, Distillation Q Fielf History, Gauage Theory---, EnggCyclopedia
Higgs History Hierarchy Problem with Higgs---, supersymmetry, by Gordon Kane
Higgs Interactions, Feynman Diagrams Related PageTBP
Higgs Mass, Beyond SM LHCNewScientist, December 10-16, 2011
Higgs, Peter LHC
Higgs Quantum FieldQ Fielf History, Gauage Theory---
Higgs, Radiative Corrections Hierarchy Problem with Higgs---, Hierarchy Problem in the Standard Model
Higgs Searching LHCNewScientist, September 3-9, 2011
Higgs, Signature LHC---, NewScientist, November 10-16, 2012
High Energy Collision Related PageTBP
Higher FunctionsRelated PageTBP
High Pressure Ridge Weather
High-tech Elements Periodic Table---, NewScientist, June 18-24, 2011
Hilbert Space Decoherence Physics and Chemistry Revision
Hinkley Point Nuclear Reactors Applications of Nuclear Fission
Hipparchus Related PageTBP
Hiroshima, Before-After Related PageTBP
Hiroshima, Effects Related PageTBP
Hiroshima, Long-Term Effects Related PageTBP
History of Gravity A Brief History of PhysicsNew Scientist, October 6-12, 2018
HL Tau, Molecular Cloud T Associations and T Tauri Stars
HL Tau, Planetary Formation T Associations and T Tauri StarsALMA
Hohlraum Thermo-nuclear Fusion
Holes and Deformation Related PageTBP
Holographic Bound Related PageTBP
Holographic Space-time Related PageTBP
Holographic Universe Holographic UniverseScientific American, August 2014
Holography Related PageTBP
Holy Grail Related PageTBP
Homeobox Genes Related PageTBP
Homeodomain Related PageTBP
Hominid Ardi Tertiary PeriodNature
Homunculus Related PageTBP
Horizon Coordinates Related PageTBP
Horizon Coordinates Celestial Sphere---, Patterns in the Sky
Hot DOG Extremely Red Objects WISE
Hox Genes Homeobox GenesYour Inner Fish
Hox Genes, Mutation Homeobox GenesTriumph of the Embryo
HR Diagram Related PageTBP
HR Diagram 2 Wolf-Rayet Stars
HR Diagram, 100 years of HR DiagramScientific American, July 2011
HR M5 Globular Cluster First Star (+ 2018, 2022 Update)---, Variable Stars ... applications to Cosmology
HR Post-Main-Sequence Related PageTBP
HR Post-Main-Sequence, 1 MsunRelated PageTBP
HR Post-Main-Sequence, 3 MsunRelated PageTBP
HR Pre-Main-Sequence Related PageTBP
HR Star Cluster Related PageTBP
Hubble Static UniverseNASA, Universe 101
Hubble Constant, 21st Century Hubble Constant, 2018 Update---, Hubble's Law, Wikipedia
Hubble Constant, 2018 Hubble Constant 2018 UpdatePlanck, ESA
Hubble Constant by ACT-CMB Hubble Constant Nature, 15 July 2020
Hubble Constant, Over 100 Years Hubble Constant, 2018, 2020Planck, ESA
Hubble Deep Fields Related PageTBP
Hubble Diagram, High z SN Hubble Constant 2018 UpdateEurophysics News, 2001, Vol. 32 No. 4
Hubble Deep Field, Scope Related PageTBP
Hubble, Fifth Upgrade Age of the UniverseNASA
Hubble Horizon Cosmic Quantum Fluctuations---, The Zen in Modern Cosmology
Hubble Horizon and Sound Wave Power SpectrumThe Zen in Modern Cosmology
Hubble Parameter by BAO The Role of BAO"Cosmological constraints ...", 2015 by L. Goff and V. Kleider
Hubble Ultra-Deep Field Related PageTBP
Hubble Ultra-Deep Field, 2013 Extremely Red Objects (ERO)Nature New, 29 May 2013
Hubble's Data, 1929 Related PageTBP
Hubble's Data, Modern Related PageTBP
Hubble's Law Related PageTBP
Hubble's Law, lambdaCDM Hubble Constant 2018 Update---, Redshift, Wikipedia
Hubble's Law, Space-time Related PageTBP
Human and Other Primates Related PageTBP
Human Brain 1Related PageTBP
Human Brain 2Related PageTBP
Human Brain 3The Brain Time Inc., Your Body A User's Guide
Human Evolution Related PageTBP
Human Eye Related PageTBP
Human Family Tree Quaternary PeriodTBP
Human Family Tree, Early Quaternary PeriodNewScientist
Human Family Tree, Achilles Quaternary PeriodNature
Human-like Consciousness Shared by Other Animals Related PageTBP
Human Migration What makes us human New Scientist, 24 - 31 March 2012
Human Organs Animals e.encyclopedia Science
Human Organ, Circulatory Related PageTBP
Human organ, Digestive Related PageTBP
Human organ, Endocrine Related PageTBP
Human organ, Excretory Related PageTBP
Human organ, Five SensesRelated PageTBP
Human organ, Immune Related PageTBP
Human organ, Musculoskeletal Related PageTBP
Human organ, Nervous and Sensory Related PageTBP
Human organ, Reproductive Related PageTBP
Human organ, Respiratory Related PageTBP
Human organ, Skeletal Related PageTBP
Hund's Rule Graphene Properties---, Asher Sherman
Hurricane Related PageTBP
Hurricane, Katrina Spiral Flow 2 (2022 Edition)
Hurricane, Pressure Gradient Spiral FlowThe Oil Drum
Hurricane, Spiral Spiral Flow
Hybrid Universe Related PageTBP
Hydra Related PageTBP
Hydraulic Action Mechano-transduction
Hydraulic Press Hydrostatics
Hydrogen Bomb Related PageTBP
Hydrogen Bond Related PageTBP
Hydrogen Molecular Orbital Many-Body Problem (2022)---, Chemistry Libre Texts
Hydrogenic Probability Entanglement Measure
Hydrolysis and Synthesis Related PageTBP
Hydrostatics HydrostaticsModern University Physics, by James A. Richards, etal, 1960
Hydrostatic EquilibriumSchwarzschild's SolutionQuora
Hydrothermal Creatures MarsDive and Discovery
Hydrothermal Mound Origin of LifeNature, 15 October 2014
Hydrothermal Mounds on Mars MarsNASA/JPL
Hyperbolic 2-D Slice Entanglement and Space-time
Hyperbolic Functions Related PageTBP
Hypernucleus Quark Fusion and Hyper-nucleus
Hypernucleus, Binding Energy/A Quark Fusion and Hyper-nucleus---, Phys. Rev., C93 (2016), no. 1, 019902
Hypernucleus, Separation Energy Quark Fusion and Hyper-nucleus---, Phys. Rev., C93 (2016), no. 1, 019902
Hyperons, Neutron Star Quark Fusion and Hyper-nucleusSpaceTech
Hyrax Related PageTBP


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IBM Blue Gene Supercomputer Lattice TheoryWikipedia
Ice Age Cycle Related PageTBP
I-Ching, Authors g (I-Ching : Book of Changes)
I-Ching, Four Seasons g (I-Ching : Book of Changes)Wikipedia
I-Ching, Fu Xi g (I-Ching : Book of Changes)Zeigua, Integral Art
I-Ching, Patterns g (I-Ching : Book of Changes)---
I-Ching, Pythagorean Theroem g (I-Ching : Book of Changes)K6-Geometric Shapes
I-Ching, Stock Market g (I-Ching : Book of Changes)
I-Ching, Trigrams g (I-Ching : Book of Changes)Wikipedia
I-Ching, World Model g (I-Ching : Book of Changes)
Ice Catalyst Origin of LifeDiscover Magazine, Summer 2011
Ida, Ancestor of Primates Tertiary PeriodCNN
Ideal Gas Law, Deviation Related PageTBP
Idyllic Scenery Quaternary Period, 20 March 2014
Immunity, AIDS Immune System Disorders
Immunity, Antibacterial Emzyme 1st Line of Defence
Immunity, Asthma Immune System Disorders
Immunity, Auto-immune Disease Immune System Disorders---, Medical Blog
Immunity, Defence Heterotrophs
Immunity, Defence Line 1First Line of Defence
Immunity, Defence Line 2Second Line of Defence
Immunity, Defence Line 3Third Line of Defence
Immunity, Ecosystem First Line of DefenceCommunity Health Nursing PPT
Immunity, Good Bugs 1st Line of DefenceFrontiers in Physiology
Immunity, Gastric Acid 1st Line of Defence
Immunity, HeterotrophsHeterotrophsWikipedia
Immunity, Immunodeficiency Immune System DisordersPathalamus
Immunity, Microbiome First Line of DefenceAmerican Scientist, September - October 2014
Immunity, Penicillin First Line of Defence
Immunity, Phagocytes Second Line of Defence
Immunity, Pore-forming Peptide 1st Line of Defence
Immunity, Physical Layer 1st Line of Defence
Immunity, T and B CellsThird Line of Defence
Impact Parameter Related PageTBP
Impact Theory Related PageTBP
Imprint Related PageTBP
Imprint, Evolution Related PageTBP
Imprint ResetRelated PageTBP
Imprint, Theroy Related PageTBP
Income Inequality Future of the Human Race
Inertial Electrostatic ConfinementRelated PageTBP
Inflation, Cosmic Related PageTBP
Inflation, Energy Density Related PageTBP
Inflation Horizon Cosmic Quantum FluctuationsCaltech
Inflation Mechanism Related PageTBP
Inflation, Sem-classical Model Semi-classical Model, Inflation---, Einstein Online
Inflation Theory Standard CosmologyTBP
Inflaton Field Inflaton Field---
Inflaton Field Fluctuation Cosmic Quantum Fluctuations---
Inflaton, Potential Inflaton Field---
Influenza VirusCDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Inflationary Theories Related PageTBP
Information Related PageTBP
Information, Assimilation Information and EntropyEntropy and the 2nd Law, Arieh Ben-Naim, 2012
Information, Clausius Information and Entropy
Information, Demixing Information and EntropyEntropy and the 2nd Law, Arieh Ben-Naim, 2012
Information, Expansion Information and EntropyEntropy and the 2nd Law, Arieh Ben-Naim, 2012
Information, Heat Transfer Information and Entropy---
Information, Macro Processes Information and EntropyEntropy and the 2nd Law, Arieh Ben-Naim, 2012
Information, Maximum Prob. Information and EntropyEntropy and the 2nd Law, Arieh Ben-Naim, 2012
Information, Mixing Information and EntropyEntropy and the 2nd Law, Arieh Ben-Naim, 2012
Information, Mixing/Expansion Information and EntropyEntropy and the 2nd Law, Arieh Ben-Naim, 2012
Information, Partition Information and EntropyEntropy and the 2nd Law, Arieh Ben-Naim, 2012
Information, Quasi-equilibrium Cosmic Evolution of EntropyEntropy and the 2nd Law, Arieh Ben-Naim, 2012
Information, State of System Information and Entropy---
Information, Types of Descriptor Information and EntropyEntropy and the 2nd Law, Arieh Ben-Naim, 2012
Information and Probability Related PageTBP
Information and Entropy Related PageTBP
Information Content, Definition Complexity
Information, Dating Mathematical Formulation---
Information, Equilibrium Related PageTBP
Information, Imperfect Cataloging Related PageTBP
Information, Non-equilibrium Related PageTBP
Infrared GalaxiesDistant GalaxiesJoint Astronomy Centre
Infrared StarRelated PageTBP
Infrared Telescope, FIRSTInfrared Telescopes TBP
Infrared Telescope, IRASInfrared Telescopes TBP
Infrared Telescope, IRTFInfrared Telescopes TBP
Infrared Telescope, ISOInfrared Telescopes TBP
Infrared Telescope, SIRTFInfrared Telescopes TBP
Infrared Telescope, SOFIAInfrared Telescopes TBP
Infrared Telescope, UKIRTInfrared Telescopes TBP
Infrared Telescope, UKIRTInfrared Telescopes TBP
Infrared Telescope, WISEInfrared Telescopes NASA/JPL
InsignificanceDark Energy, Dark MatterInsignificance
Instability The 3-kpc ArmsFirehose Instability, Wikipedia
Integration Related PageTBP
Intelligence IntelligenceNewScientist, July 2-8, 2011
Interferometer, PrincipleRelated PageTBP
Integrated Information Integrated Information PLoS, Computational Biology
Integration, Consciousness Integration
Integration, Effective Effective Information PLoS, Computational Biology
Integration, Examples Effective Information PLoS, Computational Biology
Interference Black-Hole in M87 (2019)
Interferometry Black-Hole in M87 (2019)
Internal Energy Energy---, Hyper Physics
Internal Vision Meditation ---
Interstitial Fluid (ISF) Interstitial Fluids (ISF)Open Journal of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Vol.06,2016
Intromittent Organ, claspersFishesNature News, 19 October 2014
Intromittent Organ, Evolution ofFishesNature News, 19 October 2014
Ionic Bond Related PageTBP
Iris Pteridophytes Martin Kenny
Irreversibility Non-equilibrium Thermo.
Isolated system Related PageTBP
ITER Related PageTBP
ITER, Int. Contributions Plasma PhysicsNature, 28 May 2009
IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) MammalsBedi Nursing Home and Infertility Center


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Jawed Vertebrates Features Devonian PeriodNature, 23 April 2015
Jawed Vertebrates Phylogeny Devonian PeriodNature, 23 April 2015
Jellyfish Related PageTBP
Jerry Rigged Evolution
Jet and Blob in 3C279 Active GalaxiesNRAO
Jet and MHD MHD and the Formation of JetNature, 24 Julu 1997
Jet and Spinning BH Active GalaxiesGravity's Fatal Attraction by M. Begelman and M. Rees
Jet Events Related PageTBP
Jet(s) from Black Hole Active GalaxiesGravity's Fatal Attraction by M. Begelman and M. Rees
Jet from M87 Active GalaxiesNature, 8 September 2011
Jet Stream Related PageTBP
Jet Switch MHD and the Formation of JetNature, 24 Julu 1997
Josephson Junction, CircuitJosephson Junction and SQUID---, Wikipedia
Josephson Junction, MechanismJosephson Junction and SQUID---, Josephson Effects, by Kouki Nakata
Jovian Moon, CallistoRelated PageTBP
Jovian Moon, EuropaRelated PageTBP
Jovian Moon, GanymedeRelated PageTBP
Jovian Moon, IoRelated PageTBP
Junk DNA, Function GenomesNew Scientist, July 30 - August 5, 2016
Junk DNA, Proportion GenomesNew Scientist, July 30 - August 5, 2016
Jupiter Related PageTBP
Jupiter, 2017 Update Jovian PlanetsNASA
Jupiter and Moons Related PageTBP
Jupiter, Great Red Spot High and Low Pressure CellsNASA/JPL
Jupiter, Inner Moons Synchronous RotationUniverse - The Definitive Visual Guide
Jurassic Park 1 SpongesJurassic Park
Jurassic Park 2 CloningJurassic Park
Jurassic Period Related PageTBP
Jurassic, Archaeopteryx Related PageTBP
Jurassic, Flora Jurassic PeriodLife before Man
Jurassic, Forest Jurassic PeriodLife before Man
Jurassic, Ginkgo Related PageTBP
Jurassic, Ichthyosaurs Related PageTBP
Jurassic, Kuehneosaurus Related PageTBP
Jurassic, Nothosaurs Related PageTBP
Jurassic, Pterosaur Related PageTBP
Jurassic, Sequoia Related PageTBP
JWST (James Webb Space Telescope)Related PageTBP


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K-40 Decay Mode Dark Matter, DAMA 2018
Kandel, E. R. Related PageTBP
Kepler-452b Extrasolar SystemNature, 23 July 2015
Kepler Candidates, 2012 Extrasolar SystemNature, 29 March 2012
Kepler Candidates, 2013 Extrasolar SystemKepler, NASA
Kepler Exoplanets, 2014-15 Extrasolar System
Kepler Space Telescope Extrasolar SystemNature, 5 March 2009
Kermat's Spiral, Modified Spiral Flow 2 and Density Wave ---
Kermat's Spiral, Supercluster Spiral Flow 2 (2022 Edition)---
Kerr, Roy Rotating Black HoleCracking the Einstein Code by F. Melia
KiDS Survey Hubble Constant 2018 UpdateWeak Lensing Power Spectrum, Leide University
Kinesin Molecular MotorsCreation
Kinesin, Walking Novel Properties at Nano-scale
KK Graviton Related PageTBP
KK Particle Decay Mode Five Dimensional Space-timeKnocking on Heaven's Door, by Lisa Randall
KK Tower Related PageTBP
Kerr's Solution Related PageTBP
Kip Thorne and Wormhole MultiversesBlack Holes and Time Warps, by Kip Thorne
Kleiber Law, Correction Metabolic Rate, Kleiber's LawNature, 1 April 2010
Kuiper Belt Related PageTBP
Kuiper Belt Objects Related PageTBP


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Lagrangian Points Infrared TelescopesAstronomy, March 2013
Lamb, Willis E. Lamb ShiftNature
Lamb Shift Lamb Shift
Lamb Shift, Muonic Lamb ShiftNature, 8 July 2010
Lamb Shift, Resonance Lamb ShiftNature, 8 July 2010
Lambda CDM Model WMAP and PlanckPlanck, ESA
Lamprey and Hagfish Related PageTBP
Language Centers Music and the BrainATP
Laniakea, Density Map The Laniakea SuperclusterNature, 4 September 2014
Laniakea, Galactic Flows The Laniakea SuperclusterNature, 4 September 2014
Laniakea, Supercluster The Laniakea SuperclusterNature, 4 September 2014
Lapetus Related PageTBP
Larva Form Related PageTBP
Larva Stages, Starfish Related PageTBP
Larynx Related PageTBP
Larynx, Voice Production Related PageTBP
Laser Cooling, Diagram 1Superfluidiity---, National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
Laser Cooling, Diagram 2Superfluidiity---, University College Cork
Laser Cooling, Image Related PageTBP
Laser, Energy Levels Related PageTBP
Laser Fusion Thermo-nuclear FusionNature, 8 November 2012
Lattice Theory, 3-D Lattice TheoryCollege de France
Lattice Theory, Artist's View Lattice TheoryNature
Lattice Theory, Confinement Lattice TheoryAmerican Scientist
Lattice Theory, Gluon Fields Lattice TheoryThe Lightness of Being by Frank Wilczek
Lattice Theory, Hadron Mass Lattice TheoryNature
Lattice Theory, Links Lattice TheoryCollege de France
Lattice Theory, QCD Lattice Theory---, American Scientist
Lattice Theory, QCDOC Lattice TheoryAmerican Scientist
Lattice Theory, Wilson Loop Lattice TheoryCollege de France
LC CircuitElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)
LC Circuit, AnimationElectromagnetism (2018 Edition)
LCT gene What Makes Us HumanWikimedia
Leaf, NeedlelikeRelated PageTBP
Learning Curves The Brain
LED TransistorZazzle
Lee SmolinRelated PageTBP
Lee T. D., Yang C. N., and C. S. Wu Related PageTBP
Leeuwenhoek, A.Related PageTBP
Left/Right-handed Sugar Carbohydrates---
Legendre Polynomials Quantum Mechanical Spins---, Wikipedia
Lemur Related PageTBP
Leptogenesis Related PageTBP
LHC, 3rd Run LHC + 2022 Update Upgraded LHC begins epic run to search for new physics
LHC, Alice Related PageTBP
LHC, ALICE Experiment LHCAstronomy, June 2012
LHC, Atlas Related PageTBP
LHC, ATLAS Experiment LHCAstronomy, June 2012
LHC, Atlas & CMS Data LHCars technica
LHC, Atlas Data LHCATLAS Papers
LHCb Related PageTBP
LHCb Experiment LHCAstronomy, June 2012
LHC, Beam Related PageTBP
LHC, Beampipe Related PageTBP
LHC, CMS Related PageTBP
LHC, CMS Experiment LHCAstronomy, June 2012
LHC Data, Confidence Level LHC
LHC Data, Standard Deviation LHCWikipedia
LHC Down-time Works LHCNature News, February 06 2013
LHCf Related PageTBP
LHC, Finding Higgs LHCNature, 24 November 2011
LHC, Higgs Particle LHC
LHC, Magnets Related PageTBP
LHC, Problems with LHCNewScientist
LHC, Layout Related PageTBP
LHC, Timeline LHCNewScientist
LHC, TOTEM Related PageTBP
LHC, Update 9 LHC---, Quantum Diaries
LHC, Update 14 LHCNew Scientist, March 5-11, 2016
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Life, Definition Definition of Life---
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Life Cycle, PlantsRelated PageTBP
Life from Ice Origin of LifeDiscover
Life on Earth Habitable ZoneESA, Venus Express
Lifetime of Decays Weak Interaction"The Weak Interaction", University of Warwick
Light Cone TimeWikipedia
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LIGO Gravitational WaveNature, 20 August 2009
LIGO, Measurements Gravitational Wave---, Nature, 20 August 2009
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Limbs, Evolution of theRelated PageTBP
Limbs, Pattern of ChordatesYour Inner Fish
Limits of IntelligenceThe BrainScientific American, July 2011
LimusaurusJurassic PeriodNature, 17 June 2009
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Liposome, Synthetic Life Origin of Life
Liposome, Bag of Chemicals Origin of Life---
Liquid Drop Model Related PageTBP
Liquid Drop Model, Fission Related PageTBP
LISA Related PageTBP
Lithium Resource GradientNature, 29 October 2015
Lithium-ion Batteries Application GradientLiCo Technology Corp.
Living Fossils Fishes
Living Fossils, the Truth about FishesAmerican Scientist, November-December 2014
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Local Group (of galaxies) Related PageTBP
Locomotion, Evolution of Related PageTBP
Logarithm Function Related PageTBP
Log-a-Rhythm Related PageTBP
Logic Gate TransistorElectronic World
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Logistic Equation, Examples Nonlinear Differential Equations---
Logistic Equation, Recursive Nonlinear Differential Equations---
Logistic Equation, Recursive R=4 Nonlinear Differential Equations---
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Longevity Hotspots ReliefsTBP
Longevity Unlimited ReliefsNature, 5 July 2018
Loose Connective Tissue AcupunctureTernopil State Medical University
Lorentz Contraction Related PageTBP
Lorentz Force Electromagnetism (2018 Edition)Physics Stack Exchange
Lorentz, Hendrik Brief History of PhysicsScience World
Lorenz, Edward Chaos TheoryNature
Loriciferan Origin of LifeNewScientist, April 27 - May 3, 2013
Los Alamos National Lab. FissionCCNS (Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety)
Low Pressure Cell Weather
LQG, Cosmology Pre-Big Bang TheoriesNewScientist
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LQG, Quantum SpacetimeRelated PageTBP
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LTP, Molecular Basis ofMemoryNature
Lunar Eclipse June 4, 2012 MoonNASA Eclipse Website
Lunar Orbit Moon"Wikipedia
Lunation Related PageTBP
Lyman-alpha Blob Between the SuperclustersNature, 18 August 2011
Lyman-alpha Blob (LAB) Proto-Cluster SSA22 (2019) Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 400 (2009) 66
Lyman-alpha Continuum Proto-Cluster SSA22 (2019)
Lyman-alpha Emitter Proto-Cluster SSA22 (2019)
Lyman-alpha Forest Between the SuperclustersStanford University
Lyman-alpha, Reionization Proto-Cluster SSA22 (2019)
Lyman-alpha SamplesBetween the SuperclustersUCLA
Lyman BreakProto-Cluster SSA22 (2019) ---, V. Gonzalez-Perez, etal (2018)
Lyman Break Galaxies (LBG) Proto-Cluster SSA22 (2019) Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, Royal Obs.
Lymphatic System Related PageTBP
Lysosome, Function NeurologySlide Share