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Power Spectrum of Cosmic Structure

Cosmic Structure The density fluctuationn of the cosmic structure is different from the CMBR power spectrum since there is insufficient repulsive force to counteract the gravitational attraction. The plot (see Figure 03-12) does not show the "up and down" variation as in Figure 02-08. It displays a smooth curve for the variation of galaxy counts on different scale. The measurements have been taken by both the 2dF and SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) teams with consistent results. Essentially, the measurements were performed with a series of spheres of a given radius at random in the universe and counting the number of galaxies in each one and compute the average difference. The procedure was repeated with spheres of various radii to produce the plot in Figure 03-12, which is in broad agreement with CDM theory.

Figure 03-12 Density Fluctuation
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