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Quantum Field Theory

Hierarchy Problem with Higgs (2019)

Soon after the beginning of the universe, there were already various quantum fields including the Higgs (Figure 03hd) permeate throughout at "zero point energy" ground state with virtual particles popping out incessantly according to the Uncertainty Principle (Figure 03he). The particle becomes real when enough excitation energy is injected into the field. It is suggested that at the end of the
Quantum Fields Virtual Particles inflation era about 10-32 sec after the Big Hang, the inflaton field (not yet identified) decayed from false vacuum to true vacuum, all its energy was converted to the particles in this world. Somehow about 10-10 sec further, the Higgs field mutated into a metastable form. It soon decayed into the true vacuum providing a mechanism to endow mass to other particles. The Standard Model (SM) is a mathematical formalism (Figure 03hf) to describe the behavior of the elementary particles since such transformation.

Figure 03hd Quantum Fields [view large image]

Figure 03he Virtual Particles [view large image]

Figure 03hg shows roughly the history of the Higgs plus some pertinent formulas and data. See also a Table of Cosmic History.